The moment in time is the only place we are alive. Everything already exists in the moment, conflict, annoyance, love, peacefulness, anxiety, our challenge is to be able to BE with the diversity of human experience without trying to run away. Being there is certainly more satisfying and more effective way to live your life.

Dealing with difficult emotions that arise in the moment takes practice, repetition, reflection, effort, suffering and acceptance and there are many techniques to employ to help navigate through challenges and allow the experiences to flow.

Life is a process of change, learning, growing and becoming, for most it gets better on the journey, but it isn’t easy and to pretend it is is not reality. Difficult things happen all the time, we get sick, we get old, we loose our money, or relationship and eventually we die.

Many of us slog through the day reactive even when there are no notable disasters, and you may even find yourself asleep and wake up decades later with no map or direction and not sure what to do.

In Zen we accept the moment for the time being even as it passes as it arrives.

Life is more poignant than we know.

Be happy with a sense of peace that doesn’t blow away in the wind, make use of all that happens to us, even if we find ourselves at the top of the mountain or at the bottom of the sea.

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