Often we define peace as the absence of stress but reality is not stress free. The landscape of reality is paved with situations that cause us stress and challenge us daily. Most of us don’t have hours to sit in meditation and be free of contact with these stresses so we need to adapt ways to take the Zen teachings to our daily habits. In my meditation training a large percentage of the teachings were how to make meditation training practical for the everyday person, we didn’t study how to become a monk and sitting cross legged on a pillow is not for everyone.


Increasing your inner peace, clarity and sense of balance takes a dedication to small daily habits, cultivating inner peace can make everything we do more efficient and easier. Psychological coherence is the state of being able to think, decide and act with an emotional and mental state that is congruent.

Control what you can, worry is a waste of energy, be careful not to spend large amounts of time worrying about perceived fears it will drain your energy reserve. Avoiding worry will give you calm and when you experience conflict will have way more peace and energy to handle them better. Next time you find yourself in a loop of worry, remove yourself and take a moment to relax yourself.


Be aware of inner chatter, make sure that voice is positive and present in the moment, how many times have you heard something that you have reacted to and one hour later your still having that conversation in your head? The mind is like a radio transmitter, make sure your broadcast is positive and about the present moment and not full of noise that is drowning out your inner peace and tranquillity.

Body and Mind must be matched up to live in harmony, connectedness is an invaluable tool to foster for health, well-being and growth.  Unfortunately the medical industry do not promote this truth enough, possibly because they have not researched it thoroughly. Breath and heart rhythm is a good place to start, the Inner Balance APP is a tool to help you develop a sequence that synchronises your heart rhythm and breath!


Having a sense of purpose is valuable for living, a platform to give back can be a tool to increase your calmness by concentrating your attention on others in an altruistic manner. Remember peace isn’t some idealistic state even though it can be times of quiet and stillness it is also active and life giving.



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