The Youth Coaching program empowers young people to effectively manage stress/anxiety, develop clarity and confidence. 

Growing up in todays world is both challenging and complex. Research has discovered a key connection between wellbeing and learning, mindfulness and mental health. Our program uses evidence based mindfulness and solution focussed coaching to develop student wellbeing and help them navigate their goals effectively.

Youth Coaching is designed for Teenagers, V.C.E students and University students who want to boost their wellbeing and performance and lead their lives with greater clarity, connection and calm. 

Our location is based in private consulting rooms at 142 Auburn Road, Hawthorn or via Skype | Ph: +61 423 703 960

The Benefits of Youth Coaching

• Reduced Stress and Anxiety

• Calmness and clarity of mind

• Develop concentration and focus

• Increase resiliency

• Boost mental health & wellbeing

• Discover personal strengths and core values

• Engaging relationships

• Community connection

• Effective learning

• Organised study strategy

• Greater creativity 

• Purpose and meaning 

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Challenges we can work with in Youth Coaching:

• Lack of confidence & self-belief • Stress, anxiety and mild depression • Resiliency • Student Isolation (long distance students) • Lack of motivation • Exam pressure • Peer Pressure • Body Image • Navigating relationships or bullying • Lack of career or life direction 

Our program is a one on one program for young people wanting holistic growth, change or healing. Integrating Mindfulness into life helps you have greater ease with the challenging parts of your life with and coaching helps develop a vision, plan and action strategies. Our program incorporates evidence based mindfulness in stillness and movement, self-compassion, positive psychology (PERMA), solution focussed approach, cognitive behavioural approach, NLP and narrative approach.

Elite Australian schools are now offering mindfulness and wellness coaching to their students because research has shown it to improve mental health and wellbeing which in turns helps student performance. Melbourne Coach is helping make these skills available to all young Australians and is passionate about supporting our next generation to live well. 

Location: 142 Auburn Road, Hawthorn (entrance via Grace Street) or via Skype digitally.

What’s Included: 4 or 8 X 60min sessions. A 45 page workbook, Downloadable MP3, follow up email resources and reflection. 

Marion Miller

Marion Miller

Life Coach and Mindfulness Teacher

Marion is an experienced and certified Life Coach and Mindfulness Teacher working with students and professionals. She is passionate about wellbeing and leadership and empowering personal growth. Marion has facilitated mindfulness coaching at Swinburne University and is a member of the Melbourne Mindful Schools Network looking at ways to improve student wellbeing and performance in education.

Marion studied at the Life Coaching Institute of Australia and holds a Life Coaching Diploma with a speciality in Health/Wellness  and Business. She first did meditation teacher training in 2009, attended the mindful leadership forum masterclass in 2016 and Self-compassion training and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction/Cognitive Therapy teacher training in 2017. Marion has an established practice in Hawthorn, Melbourne, is a mother of four and loves the beach.

Marion is a warm, welcoming and empathetic professional and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her on specific areas of concern in my life. After completing the 8-week mindful based coaching I am now less stressed and feel my life is more well-rounded and balanced. I have gained valuable tools and skills to assist me in working through future challenges in all areas of my life. I found that regular sessions, working through the program and the meditation practice incorporated into the program, gave me clarity about my needs and desires, and assisted me in maintaining boundaries to stay true to my authentic self.


University Student

The 6 week mindfulness course informed me of the importance of meditation for mental health. I found my skills set was improved and it improved my self-awareness and the development of greater calmness.

Aiden Jones

Marion is a truly gifted Meditation teacher; knowledgeable, calm and helpful. I looked forward to every meditation session and have kept the practice up since the program. Thanks Marion – I would highly recommend your programs to anyone wanting to experience the best of Mindful Meditation.

Jac Nacca

Marion has a great energy about her. Her empathy and mindfulness immediately made me feel like I’ve come to the right place. Our work has helped me to look at the concerns I had from a different perspective, a more loving perspective. Having an action based approach really grounded me and allowed me to understand what’s important to me.

Estor Varos

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