We’d like to wish all Aussie students the best return to school this term. Learning and wellbeing are closely linked and by addressing your wellness you can improve your ability to learn.

In coaching we encourage all students to take really good care of themselves to get the most out of their student experience and to be able to simply enjoy their youth more.

Here’s a few coaching tips to enhance student life and improve mental health in 2017. Try out these foundational approaches that can help sustain balance throughout more stressful times like exams and keep you on track with your learning and personal growth.

  1. Discover your own learning style and don’t compare yourself to others.Are you visual, auditory or kinesthetic?
  2. Try a little planning in preparation for exams. Use a dairy, App or pin board to map out a strategy.
  3. Take breaks and pauses. Move away from the study and unplug from digital. Changing mental focus will help you activate other parts of the brain and stimulate performance.
  4. Try to eat clean, exercise and take breathing spaces to take care of your mental, physical and emotional wellness and keep your stress levels low. Being in nature is always a good antidote.

For more information on our Mindfulness based Youth Coaching program and to speak with our coach about how we can support you or your children through student life visit our website.

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