Photo 3-6-17, 8 19 07 amOur workplace coaching programs can reduce stress, increase resiliency and boost productivity and performance in the workplace.

We can help your employees manage real work/life challenges, develop emotional intelligence and optimise the workplace culture.

We currently have 4 workplace coaching programs and can also co-create a program with your team leader and customise it around your organisational vision, values and needs. 

Our Workplace Coaching programs can accrue Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points, please see your professional organisations guidelines for their specific requirements. 

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The Workplace Mindfulness Workshop (2 hours)

The Workplace Mindfulness Workshop is a great introduction to mindfulness in the workplace.

• 2 Hour stress reduction introduction

• Shorter and longer meditations

• Workplace skills integration 

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Mindfulness Resiliency & Performance (2 day retreat or 6 week course)

Mindfulness Resiliency & Performance is an evidence based mindfulness integration for the workplace. 

• 2 day retreat or 6 X 90min program

• 6 Chapter Workbook

• Downloadable Meditation MP3

• Core skills coaching

• 4 foundational meditations

• Workplace wellbeing strategy 

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Mindfulness, Wellbeing & Leadership

Mindfulness, Wellbeing & Leadership is a skills coaching program to teach employees how to facilitate mindfulness in the workplace. 

• 2 Day Retreat or 4 X 120min program

• 4 Chapter Workbook

• Downloadable Meditation MP3 

• Core skills leadership coaching

• 4 foundational meditation facilitation training

• Workplace wellbeing strategy

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Mindfulness Based Coaching and Consulting (1 hour sessions)

One on one coaching sessions for workplace employees who want to optimise their performance, wellbeing and leadership skills. Ideal for executives, leaders and professional employees and teams.

• Online via Skype or in person

• Workbook with packages

• Downloadable Meditation MP3

• Core skills leadership coaching

• Workplace wellbeing coaching

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