What is wellbeing? 

Wellbeing is so often a reactive measure we seek whenever we feel off balance, a response to a lack of energy, sickness or feeling unhappy about the current situation of our lives. It is very true that adversity can stimulate change and our adversity can sometimes be the messenger of great wisdom.

There are also many ways we can cultivate and sustain our wellbeing daily so that we move through the changing seasons of our lives with greater ease, less extremes and mindful intention.

The Mindfulness Based Life Coaching Program addresses these issues and helps develop wellbeing while working on your relationship, career/business, study and parenting goals.

Did you know that the research into wellbeing indicates that our learning and development is directly related to wellbeing. By improving your wellbeing all other areas of your life are boosted! We also know optimal health is achieved when the sympathetic nervous system (fight/flight) that immobilises our energy and the parasympathetic nervous system (rest/digest) that conserves our energy are working together in a balanced way. This ‘balanced way’ is one of the helpful changes found in the brain structure of people who practise evidence based mindfulness and the number one reason I practise and teach it to all my clients and students.

Yet still so many of us find ourselves caught up striving with our eye always on time, never allowing the space to find out who is actually doing all the doing and checking in with what is there now inside our bodies. Most of us have become really good at doing stuff while being future focussed in our thinking mind or ruminating on something past but we struggle to be still, present and fully engaged in our body during the precious moments of lives. It’s almost like we have disconnected from emotion and sensation in the body and just ‘think’ about it. When I catch myself doing this, I take a few deeper breaths and bring my attention to sensations, feeling tones and the mind states that come and go.

The important thing to remember in coaching is the outcome of any goal is influenced by the quality of your present moment. There is a great saying, ‘The only Zen you’ll find at the top of the mountain is the Zen you bring there.’  

We might sometimes wonder why we are never feel rested, restored and truly alive and more often than not the answer is because we are living our lives through our linear, time based thinking mind. 

In the Mindfulness Based Life Coaching Program (MBLC) I have developed an approach that engages both the doing and being with an emphasis on learning mindfulness to restore wellbeing. In MBLC goals, action plans and strategies come from a place of intention grounded in compassion, authenticity and awareness and not just a reaction to stress or the avoidance of stress.

So if you’ve been contemplating working with a Life Coach but making excuses for not wanting to develop yourself positively because perhaps you don’t feel you’re worth it, I have an offer this week that might just give you the incentive to commit to the changes you’ve been dreaming about making! 

For this week only the 6 week Mindfulness Based Life Coaching Program registrations come with 15% off the total. That is a saving of $120. If you’re interested in getting started email me marion@melbournecoach.com.au  or call me directly on 0423703960 The offer expires on Monday 27/3 at 9am. I take private coaching clients on Mondays and Fridays in my consulting room in Hawthorn.

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