You might be familiar with or even know a Life Coach but do you know what they actually do in sessions? Life Coaches help you realise your full potential, remove limiting road blocks in your perception and life and work with you on the best course to take in different areas of your life to get to where you want to be. The Life Coaching Diploma is a combination of Psychology and business training with approaches like NLP, narrative, solution focussed approach and CBT. I also use mindfulness training in combination with coaching approaches. It is best to choose a Life Coach who is certified like myself and is a member of the ICF regulatory body and follows an international code of conduct for best practice.

What can Life Coaches do?

  • They can brainstorm with you, helping draw out the many insights sitting deep in your mind.
  • They can mirror your inner self, reflecting back and helping you discover your next step.
  • They can help you stay mentally and emotionally balanced through mindfulness and journalling.
  • They stay close by emailing in-between sessions and phone calls when needed to keep you on track.
  • They can help push you to reach your limits and breakthrough tough platforms to help find your inner strength.
  • They do research for you, supplying you with tools and resources to help you achieve your goals.
  • They become an important part of your support system by keeping you aligned with your goals and dreams.
  • They can help you remove obstacles because they come from an outside perspective and help you spend less time focussed on things that won’t get you anywhere and more time focussed on fruitful things. They help you eliminate things to move forward.

In your career you might be struggling to know how to take the next step forward to improve the conditions or pay, or it could be you want to change careers entirely, sometimes it’s just needing help with a challenging circumstance in the workplace. Other times it could be about aligning your career with your values and creating a sense of purpose professionally.

In your personal life, it could be you’re not putting enough time in areas you really care about like your primary relationship, or approaching it in  a self sabotaging way and often it can be how to ignite some passion into longer term relationships or friendships. There can be struggle with parenting issues like effective day to day management or connecting with your children and needing some help to find ways to balance and inspire all your relationships to be more fulfilling and healthy. Life Coaching in itself is a relationship and one that doesn’t have any agenda but the one you bring to it. The life coaching relationship exists for your personal and professional development.

When one part of your life is not working well for you, you can find that the whole is out of balance. Health and wellbeing is one aspect that when you don’t focus on maintaining it everything else will fall apart. Self-care is the reason Life Coaching exists and bringing into the coaching session a mindful space helps me work with my clients in exactly where they are at on that day and moment which makes the process authentic and unique. There is no point projecting your life satisfaction outward to when you reach the goal, goals are just the tool to help you get there. The most effective and healthy form of motivation is love and desire and thats something we can embody everyday. But your state of mind is what is help you manifest the life you want.

Improvements to your health and wellbeing through daily habits and being investigative about what works for you in coaching gets better results and is present in all aspects of coaching.

In business coaching I help small business refine their personal brand through creative content strategies and develop systems using creative digital tools. We work on personal beliefs to build confidences and strengths so networking is more successful and the personal brand is embodied by the business owner and staff.  Business coaching is about discovering your uniqueness and communicating successfully online and in person. Everyone has a personal brand be it in business or personal life, its about your core values and personal strengths.

Life Coaching is a partnership for professionals ready for change, mums returning to work or juggling both, and even students who might be stuck with an issue and want to move forward. Maybe you’re just ready for your next step and need support in the process of change. Good coaching helps you uncover your truth and go after the life you really want to live by giving you the tools to be able to do it.

Ready to try Life Coaching?

Book a session with Marion via this contact form and we’ll email you a $50 Introductory voucher to use over the next two weeks.

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