Wellness Workshop is professional group coaching with a Wellness focus  and can greatly improve the well-being and performance of your employees and begin to create a wellness culture at your workplace.

It is not a one off solution but rather an opportunity to engage the behaviours that help a team flourish and create a positive momentum for the workplace environment, staff and clients.

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The gorgeous girls at Hair Body and Soul in Camberwell were treated to an afternoon of Wellness Coaching last week. Hair Body and Soul is a  salon that invests in providing their staff with tools, workshops, education and will always be a preferred place for people to work in the industry, they retain their staff and continue to be a friendly, happy environment to work that attracts clients and keeps them.

I think it is wonderful the managers at Hair Body and Soul do so much for their team, the event was catered with a delicious lunch while doing a day of workshops and education! They had donuts!!

During our workshop we focussed on  three main elements Positive Thinking, Open body language, and Mindfulness Practice through role play activities and a sitting meditation. The salon environment is one that requires staff to be UP most of the time, if you’re having a bad day it is really hard to connect with others and it can be a struggle to move past a bad mood. Long hours and expectations of clients can make the hairdressing industry one that can be stressful and exhausting at times. Self care is important and learning ways to manage stress and shift negativity is really important to maintain a positive enviroment for staff and clients.

You enter a hairdressing career when you’re young and not even thinking ahead to the future, partying and having late nights or not even worrying about your well-being but often this is the best time to establish your wellness strategy to set a positive trajectory for life.

Coaching tools in a salon environment help the team become a crew that is tight, collaborate and support one another (young and older), especially junior staff who are discovering themselves in the adult world. When the professional team learns coaching tools they are better equipped to communicate positively to staff and each other, and mindful of ways to improve their wellbeing through their mind, body and relationships and that is just the beginning of what a difference coaching can make.

Having an environment that is going to encourage the sharing of feelings and cultivate a positive and upbeat retreat is beneficial for staff to feel they are nourished and able to be authentic while being part of a creative team. Extending your communication with cultivated positive body language and words helps clients feel acknowledged, builds trust and influences others. It all begins with relationship to SELF and delves deeper than just whats on the surface.

Clients are going to return to a wonderful hairdresser, as I said to the girls, the Readers Digest researched that hairdressers are one of the top 10 most trusted professionals for the community, higher than priests! Its a calling and a job that comes with much passion and pride!

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The Hair Body and Soul team were enthusiastic, conversational and helped co-create a collaborative workshop that focussed on using their mirrors, and situations that were unique to their industry and team. They have takeaway projects to establish a permanent Wellness strategy and are keen to keep doing this positive work.

Thank you to Abody for the opportunity to connect with the ladies at Hair Body and Soul and share the Wellness Workshop, I look forward to the recap and hearing how the positive posts are going!




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