I did it 10 years ago and the manuscript has been sitting in my desk on a memory stick ever since. Now I am challenging myself to finally edit and get it published and todays blog is written with other aspiring writers in mind. There comes a time in everyones life when you need to complete something and when that times arrives you understand full circle why it has taken time to get here. Becoming an author is about ownership. I am ready, how about you?

The hardest part of writing a book these days is not being published, there are so many options to publish your work but it’s more challenging to actually write and accept authorship for your writing. There are many reasons to write a book, it may be you love writing or you want to inform someone of something. If you just want to brush up on writing skills its a great idea, all social content these days is about creative storytelling and publishing and the skill or talent to write is invaluable.

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Having a book is also a great way to help get across your business offering, a tips guide, an instructional manual and related field to what your business is, blogs and ebooks are part of digital life. Being an author is a great way to get information about you and your services out there, or perhaps your book maybe your end product and a captivating story people love.

People who are lucky enough to make a career from writing are a unique sort, Ive known a few professional writers in my time and all have there own individual ways of working within time frames for publishing.

If you’re not making money from your writing yet finding time to write is the first hurdle to overcome. When I was pregnant with my forth child I took the year off to meditate and write, I was very lucky to have a kind husband who supported me and allowed me the freedom to do this. By the birth of Naomi I had 27 chapters down and I was a very different person from the experience.


Most of us don’t have a spare year these days to write our lifes work but finding a few hours a day or night you can get moving forward and create some momentum.

I have finally made the decision to publish, some years ago I also created a collection of coaching books and many of them have sat in files on my desktop. It’s time I shared them with you all.

I am currently working on the first book for publishing and here is the guidelines helping me manage the time to write, you might find some helpful tips here too.

  • Having a daily word count works for some people. It might 250 words a day, it is good to give your writing a goal.
  • Outlining the books contents is a smart move, its like having a business plan or map when you begin a journey. Establish the context of each chapter and the beginning and end.
  • Find a special spot just for writing, a place that inspires you, is spacious, light and creative.
  • Having word counts makes you accountable. You can break chapters down into word counts, pages, and daily targeted writing goals.
  • Establish some deadlines around finishing the book, weekly goals around how many chapters you will write and find a person you can report your progress to. A Life Coach is great for reflection and accountability.
  • Get some feedback during the process so you know you’re on the right track with writing something of value for your audience, sharing snippets on social media is a good way to test the audiences response although don’t forget it may require some marketing to reach a targeted audience.
  • Stay motivated by releasing the book. Send it to a publisher, self publish, put it on Amazon, get it out there anyway you can.
  • If you mess up and write something no one wants to read, embrace it. Every failure is an opportunity to grow! Love your failures as they will be your biggest lessons.
  • Your first book may not be your masterpiece but it’s a stepping stone to set a trajectory to write more. Get started asap on your next one and keep writing. Practice makes perfect!
  • Green your environment, having natural surroundings invigorates and keeps you fresh and surrounded by life giving organic nourishment.



Some hazards to watch out for!

  • Writers booty happens when you’re sitting down too long. Try getting up and doing some squats, stretches or a brisk walk to the cafe for some fresh air.
  • Cat invasion occurs when your needy shelter cat jumps up on your desk and sits on the keyboard. No amount of scratches or cuddles will satisfy him and he will keep distracting you. Best to find a cat free zone, or pop him on your lap under the desk if he’ll let you.
  • Snack attack is a real issue with many writers who are looking for treats to eat while still at the desk. Work out what snacks will keep you energised and healthy, writing a book is hard work.
  • Having a wine while you write is a great way to get into the creative zone but be mindful about the amount you drink, one can turn into one bottle as your fingers type madly and you brain becomes intoxicated with the story you are creating. At the very least edit sober!
  • If your like me and have a ‘gramma’ weakness, dyslexic at times have a street urchin vocabulary and like to often make up your own words, don’t sweat it. We are the generation brought up with word processing programs, internet language and in Oz original inhabitants exported with Queens English to a convict colony. Try teaching conversational English in Japan, you will need to know Jinglish and teach in American English!

There we have it Melbourne Coaches short guide to planning to write a book. If you’re a writer and wanting someone to reflect with, creative brainstorm and plan with or perhaps you feel something is holding you back from taking the next step forward in your career as a writer I am looking forward to hearing from you! I also have access to digital marketing experts who work with Amazon and love working with start ups on monetising projects for creatives.

Have any tips to contribute to other writers for having more success in your writing projects, please share in the comments below…


Marion X


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