I have always had a keen interest and value in giving back. Have been involved in a few fundraisers, Australian Breast Cancer Foundation event, a Church boarding school in Uganda and recently I am working with Prahran Mission. Its interesting because I used to live on that block and often had latte at the mission chatting to the wonderful and curious locals who hung there, my BF at the time was a sound engineer and a local writer and musician. I was always a frequent visitor of the op shop and worked on that strip for a year in a psychedelic salon run by a flamboyant young Greek lad. Yup, I get around! (past life)

Volunteering or philanthropy is best done in a win/win situation. When you can give your time or money with grace and love, not a begrudging donation that has no sense of appreciation or a forced obligation that drains you of your natural resource.  When we give with appreciation we give twice!


Prahran Mission does great work with extreme socially and economically disadvantaged people, it has a heart warming restaurant with art exhibitions, an art therapy program, a gorgeous vintage shop (I picked up some hot leather boots) and a commercial kitchen training program. The government has recently cut funding to some of these major programs and now it is up to public donation and generous investors to keep the running of Prahran Mission going and raise one million dollars per year!


We can’t afford to loose these services as these are some of the only places the marginalised groups have and are a valuable part of the community.

I decided to put my hand up to help, when I saw the cafe had closed I got back in touch. Erica who is a great role model, studying, working and a DJ invited me to meet with her and learn about the event and the history of the Prahran Mission, I loved that we had both been to the opening of Revolver up the road, old school!!! I have gained a lot of knowledge in learning some of the workings of a charity oraganisation and I have long aspired to one day start a foundation of my own.


The best part about volunteering at Prahran Mission is they have a long history in fashion which is an industry I’m involved with professionally so its been great networking and making some new contacts and hope to continue to be involved in some capacity with the Prahran Mission in the future.


The fundraiser we are now working on is being hosted by celebrity stylist Phillip Boon who I have not yet met in person, showcasing the designs of accomplished Melbourne Fashion designer and personality Jenny Bannister. Its being held at the gorgeous art action house of  Deutscher & Hackett and will be an evening of outrageous fashion, art auctions, silent auctions and live music.

If you are a fashionista, art lover or charitably spirited person this is a great event to support and we’d love to see you there!


Buy tickets here and join our event on Facebook to follow our news!

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