Let’s face it, city living is fast paced, demanding and to get anywhere in life we must be constantly on the pulse of change. Change that comes at a cost as we often move forward and take on more than we can chew, increasing our work load pursuing that elusive time when everything is perfect and you find peace but the more we pursue it the further away it gets.

Many people have this misconception that when they reach the next milestone, the car, the house, investment property, dream job, perfect relationship then they will be happy. Actually life occurs in the moment and how you feel now will largely determine how you will feel when you arrive at your destination. There are some tools you can carry with you on the journey of life to make the waves of living less extreme and experience a calmer more fulling path.

Meditation has been around since the dawn of time, practiced religiously in the east by monks who abstained from all worldly possessions, to the first Zen priests who brought the practice to the west via America, and now western culture has discovered through science removing the beliefs associated with spiritual paths, meditation is a tool everyone can use regardless of faith, gender or race.



Many successful people meditate and in fact one individual who is probably considered one of the most influential people of our generation had a consistent meditation practice. Steve Jobs, at the cross road of his life, chose to start projects that created Apple instead of perusing the path of a Zen Buddhist Priest.

The benefits of meditation are unique and subtle, beginning with relaxation, the body softens, muscle tension decreases and blood pressure lowers. There is significant scientific evidence to support that mediation improves immunity and increases well-being.

Psychologically, meditation helps the mind to focus, there are numerous ways to practice holding your attention on an object during meditation and this trains you to be more in control of your thoughts, body and mind activity.

Awareness is a great benefit of meditation, while focus is the ability to notice and concentrate on one aspect, awareness gives you more of a flood light perspective. Through a consistent meditation practice you can be more attuned to gathering information about your environment through your five senses. As you relax into meditation you notice sounds, smells and have a sense of being more engaged with your environment.

Awareness is the psychological tool that allows you to observe your thoughts, this is a key benefit in insight, letting go and the art of allowing.

One of the greatest obstacles to success is giving up, people who are on the path to achieving their dreams often find its not always a smooth ride and after a number of bumps in the road they give up for something that is easier earned and the masses so often do. Awareness can help with a resistant mindset, to be observant of the mind gremlins (negative thought patterns and their triggers) and give you the skill of being able to observe without becoming them.



So when you have climbed hell and high water to meet company demands, have staff needing information pronto, essay deadlines, boss appraisals, designs for that number one client flying in from OS tomorrow and feeling snowed under generally because you two year old kept you up all night because he/she is teething, meditation training can help you be aware that you might be a little more reactive of one of those days so watch out!

A reactive state is one that allows triggers to engage negative thought pattern, and cause you to behave in a less than desirable way feeling a sense of helplessness and negativity.

Letting go involves finding peace in the moment and being less reactive to external influences, through meditation practice this can be achieved and is one of the significant skills fostered in Emotional Intelligence.

Those who have meditated for some time will understand the incredible amount of energy you get from spending some quiet time relaxing your body and mind. There is scientific research to suggest that 30 minutes meditation can often be attributed to hours of sleep.

Finding a meditative state and awareness of the art of allowing, lets you not have to fight for life but opens your attractive ability to expand the life you already have available. Be open to all the ways you can meditate, dance, sing, sit, lay, run, walk, just be in your body and breath in the moment. Its a joy!


Maz x








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