Photo 18-11-2015, 5 03 09 PMI am currently working on some high level plans for budgeting, managing my finance and cash flow forecasting. Simply, I am clarifying my spending, investment and contribution habits both personally and in business so I become more aware of my attitudes, behaviours and able to tweak accordingly based on my core values. I am also setting some intentions for growth in 2016 to increase my net worth.

By projecting the types of results I want financially in my future and trying to adjust my attitudes about money now I am connecting to my desired outcome,  having a good imagination helps and the best part is Im doing work I love so the experiences that will increase my cash-flow will also give me the chance to grow my character positively.

Working with a coach on your personal beliefs about money gives you a greater space for introspection and clarity but you must be able to be vulnerable allowing for uncertainty and creativity to emerge. Interested? Sign up to receive my gift of $50 toward your introductory session.

I believe your relationship with money determines a lot about how you use it and in the past I have never been one to worry too much about not having it, at the same time not truly valuing the capacity of difference it can provide yourself and others.

I had a middle class upbringing with two career driven parents and a father who was in business and there always seemed to be enough but it wasn’t enough to make a big difference to others lives. Our families attitudes about income was primarily focussed on adding material value to our lives, just as I said in-come. A typical middle class attitude about money and lifestyle.

My grandmother on the other hand  had experienced extreme poverty growing up during WW2 and lived a frugal life while having several large stashes of Deutschmarks hidden in her home that no one knew about. And I tend to have this conditioned habit of ‘stocking up’ and at times subconsciously  fill the large chest freezer (50 YO Miele I inherited from Oma fully stocked)  with food supplies.  I am pretty sure its one of those ‘just in case of a zombie apocalypse, Ive got a bunker in the garage type mentality!’ I call it a ‘quirk.’

I’ve been fortunate enough to share time with some pretty amazing people in the past decade, a rare few who are living their lives on purpose and have abundant relationships with money. I felt attracted and curious about the freedom these people have and the quality of life they live while being able to create change and influence many lives for the better through service. Each have somewhat mentored me about life. Not rich, self serving types, I mean people who make a difference to the world not just their own.

Not all people Ive met with money seem fulfilled in fact I believe that the money doesn’t actually make people happier even though many think it can. Regardless of money, mood is still a choice we must we make or be victim to and science tells us that in even in the poorer parts of the world there are still high levels of happiness.

I believe money is connected with self worth and this is purely a worth based on comparison of your contribution and position in a capitalist society. All humans are intrinsically valuable in their own right but if you’re to participate in a connected society,  business or activities of creating value, you must trade and become involved in growing your worth in this framework.

To create anything of financial value for others you must have a sense of self worth and be able to share that effectively with others so the exchange involves money and the value to all involved must be congruent and flow between those relationships.

Developing a healthy and prosperous sense of self worth is linked to understanding your core values and aligning them with your behaviours and relationships. The late Wayne Dyer once said ‘When I chased after money, I never had enough. When I got my life on purpose and focused on giving of myself … then I was prosperous.’

It is good to ask yourself ‘do your thoughts and attitudes about money lead to the results in life you want?’ ‘What are my limiting beliefs about being prosperous, where do these attitudes point?’

Leading yourself down the paths of those questions in introspection solo or with a coach will help you understand your current attitude and how it connects with the result and quite often you will find disconnection and an attitude adjustment is needed to achieve a better more fulfilling result.

Creating a positive statement for yourself about money can help you build a new paradigm and make it outrageously positive and ridiculous so you feel good saying it! ‘Money is literally flying in all my windows!’ ‘With a wave of my magic wand I create abundance!’ ‘I make loads of money doing what I love.’ And notice they are in the present tense so you are re-conditioning your mind for abundance and developing a new, improved relationship with money now.

Stephen Covey wisely said, “It’s not that people who make money become successful, but that successful people attract money.”




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