This moment is all there is.

Ever noticed the feeling of not enoughness? It is so pervasive when you’re caught up in it you’re constantly looking for something else, somewhere else and you most always never find it. Most of the time we have to talk about it, share it, and attempt to solidify it.
It’s rather a radical thing to just accept the moment and be in not needing anything more. Some people might find this is so challenging to do, like some how business will fail or they miss out on something if they are not in pursuit of it but the truth is the moment is all you will truly ever have and you have the choice to embody it or miss it.
You can spend a life time pursuing the next moment, and the next moment but you will miss your life entirely and looking back it is those small moments that make up the large part of your lifetime.

How to embody the moment
Pausing right now to really appreciate the fullness of the present moment right now no matter how ordinary is good place to start practicing fluid peace and by being more in your body through experience will also help so try focusing on the sensations throughout.
To help me embody the moment of experience I take a few deep breaths and allow silence, even if I am with a friend or family. I slow things down in my head and heart by taking longer drawn breaths and just take in my environment either by looking up and around or by just scanning through my senses to be more present. I allow whatever is going on inside, pleasant or unpleasant to just be.  A nice long exhale helps relax and surrender to the present moment.

Try it today and see if you feel any different, sometimes it may take some practice but be gentle on yourself and try not to judge yourself right or wrong,

Marion x

‘He who binds to himself a joy 

Does the winged life destroy

He who kisses the joy as it flies

Lives in eternity’s sunrise.’

~ William Blake. 

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