Being an accomplished creative person is a juxtapose between the incessant need to creative new art forms constantly and the business savvy to communicate your creation to fill a need within the public and provide something of value to your community. Yes, to make money! There is the inner process and the outer process to manage simultaneously.



Some artists don’t have a business mind naturally, they work hard at creating art because art to them is like air for their soul and a therapeutic need but the art of marketing and business must be mastered if an artist is to be successful, either that or a traditional art career involving a university PhD and a level of conformity! Not for everyone!

My article today is for artists, some free coaching tips and questions for creative professionals:

  • Getting clear on your art, what is your art, how will it help your audience or market, how can you describe it in one sentence and better still one word that is your POW word and the core of your brand?
  • What are your challenges and risks? Who is your competition, is there any competition? How is your offering unique and specific to you?
  • Are you supported on the outer level process of marketing and business? Are you supported in the inner working of the creative process? Do you have a mentor, coach or guide?
  • Are you feeling momentum in your career as an artists, look back over the past five years, what do you have to show, what have you learned, what have you achieved, what results do you have?
  • Does your branding, message, communication need tweaking? Does your art need tweaking?
  • What are your resistances? Have you looked into your underlying beliefs to discover any resistance to be a successful artists, are you working on changing those beliefs and enabling yourself to have less resistance?
  • Are you managing your daily habits, creative cycle, needs, gifts and obstacles to be more effective?
  • What compels you to action, are you being authentic in your career and doing what makes your heart sing or compromising your art for comfort?
  • Artist who make it are obsessed with their art and don’t give up.
  • Are you constantly testing new approaches, ideas and ways to get your message out there?
  • Are you aware what actions create what results, are you tracking your commercial success as an artist?
  • Commitment is the glue to make your actions into achievements, how committed are you, cool, luke warm or hot on it?
  • What tools are you using to understand and gain further knowledge, who have you engaged to help and what resources are you trying? Be careful not to get stuck on one for too long without results your after.
  • Do you have a productive space that suits your personality and needs and helps you manage the inner creative process and outer marketing process?
  • How much money do you want to make? Are you clear, is there a figure or amount of sales, set an intention.
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Marketing is not a dirty word, in fact it is the only way you have to communicate your art and make a career of it, the starving artist is not much fun, if you’re too worried about where your next meal is coming from how can you produce good art?

Art is a very much a cultural part of society and like any business or career to be successful at it you need a platform to share your offering. Understanding the marketing and business process can help transform your art into a successful way of life and be the difference between a hobby and making a career of what you love.


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