The Art of letting go is psychological tool to release any resistance created by negative thought patterns, change the thoughts to more accepting ones and relieve yourself of tensions.

Negative self talk, mental chatter, gremlins often come into our thoughts while we unaware and play out a negative story that effects the way we operate. They can usually be traced back to events in childhood, where they may very well have served a purpose but now as adult they are out of context and a hindrance to your personal development.

If your not even sure whats going on in your mind try sitting down with pen and paper for half an hour and record every single thought you have not even trying to analyze just write it all down. You can also use techniques like meditation, self reflection, walking in nature to become aware of your negative self-talk but usually most people are already aware of it and have been seeking ways to change.

The Sedona Method is one great technique for letting go, involving you to ask your self a serious of questions about the issue for example: could I let it go? Would I let it go? When will I let it go? and one replies now when ready.

Another technique derived from NLP is visualization. First try externalizing the negative thoughts, episodes and emotions into an image or descriptive word, describe the image, colour, sounds, smell, taste, shape etc and so when you experience it you get a clear picture of how it looks. Then when it comes up using your clever imagination, visualize yourself kicking it away, letting go so it floats away or completely and utterly annihilating it! It really depends n your style and it is meant to be fun, a activity that will actually give you a sense of enjoyment and fun to turn around the negative feelings.

A meditation technique for letting go is when you feel the negative thoughts and feelings coming on be totally in the moment and catch it before you buy into it, improve your posture, move around a bit and take your focus of your thoughts and into your environment.

An emotional technique for letting go, involves expressing the negative emotion in a safe and private way, for example you may like to scream your lungs out into a pillow or inside a closed car, you may want to sprint around the block as fast as you can, you may want to growl and prowl on the floor of your house until you feel that negative emotion has passed. Doing this regularly and routinely you will feel freer and less resistance.

Meditation and awareness training is the main way to learn to manage negative thoughts as well as being aware of what those negative thoughts are telling you. Learning to meditate first thing in the morning is a great way to train yourself in being more in the body and less in the head. When you first wake up sitting and listening to some meditation music will help slow your brainwave patterns, mental chatter and set a neutral or positive tone for the day.

Practicing gratitude is also a lovely way to learn how to be more positive. Some people do this in the form of prayer but it can also be done as a way to set an intention for how you would like to feel and be during your day. Say in your mind “thank you for………” this can be easy, think of all the wonderful body parts you have that serve you so well, then you might be grateful for your car, house, furniture, family, friends etc. The larger the list you’re grateful for the better, being grateful raises your emotional vibration and sets the intention for what you will attract throughout your day. Instead of focusing your attention on what you don’t have, turn it around to what you do have, then answers will come easily, opportunities will present themselves and doors will open effortlessly!

Lastly letting go means being totally in the moment. So be mindful of your thinking throughout the day bringing it back to the moment as much as possible and know that every time it takes you away from the moment it is not reality but rather a story you’re telling yourself. The story you tell yourself creates your reality so make sure you’re the director of your story, moving it in the direction of your desire.

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