Sunday Sleep Ins are a luxury in urban life!

Why? I often hear people are sleep deprived and the usual reason ‘I have too much on my mind.’

Once you get inside your bed, warm, cosy and comfortable if you tune into the present moment it should be a place where you feel like SLEEPING not thinking! But as we know brains are extremely persistent muscles that insist on chattering away sometimes well into the night. Here is the good news with a few bedtime habits you will be sleeping the whole night through in no time.

  • Switch off all electronics at least 20 minutes before sleep to allow the end of distractions. Don’t check them, if you’re feeling compelled to check your phone overnight and it is distributing your sleep put it in another room. You won’t miss out on anything that won’t be there in the morning!
  •  Do 15 minutes deep breathing, focussing your mind on the relaxation of your body
  • Have a warm drink like Milo, Milk or Herbal Tea and practice mindfulness. (Avoid stimulants like coffee)
  • A good sex session arouses you but if your feeling well satisfied some gentle petting afterward can send you into a luxurious slumber entwined with your lover.
  • Try and train your cat to sleep next to you, not on top of you, claws in! (and kids too)
  • Exercising (including sex) makes you fall asleep more easily.
  • The Citizen Mindful Music uses Binaural Beat frequency when listened to with head phones can cure insomnia. (my ex husband suffered extreme insomnia for over 10 years and used this technology to cure it)
  • Sleep in on the weekend and catch up on hours you may have missed, you’ll feel a million dollars.


There is a good few habits for bedtime to get you started. Now here is a few good reasons (scientific facts)  why you should sleep more.

  • Sleep is just as important as diet and exercise for overall wellness.
  • Sleep improves memory and learning.
  • Shorter sleep is associated with shorter lifespans, sleep impacts quality of life.
  • Lack of sleep causes inflammation and pre-mature ageing.
  • A good night sleep spurs creativity, your brain organises and re-structures memories which may result creativity.
  • Improves performance, especially if you’re an athlete, student or in business.
  • Sharpens your attention and minds ability to focus.
  • Lowers Stress.

If you struggle to get a good night sleep give this a go for two weeks and would love to hear your feedback!

Sleep tight,


Marion x

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