Comparing yourself to others is a natural instinct we are all guilty of but it doesn’t necessarily do you any favors to be focused on what others are doing. You have probably heard the saying ‘run your own race’ many times, this means to compete with yourself and improving you is like a competition to achieve your PB. With the emergence of social media, we have so much information about other peoples lives, work, families and lifestyle the temptation to compare is at all time high.


If you are developing yourself as an artist comparison is not going to help you, in any aspect of learning it is better not to compare. Comparing can lead to animosity and envy and it is better in industry especially to co-operate than compete, having an attitude of abundance rather than lack mean there is enough opportunities for everyone. The less you compare the more authentic you will become and greater potential will develop.

To stop comparing and competing try these habits on:

  • Catch yourself before you head into a spiral. Be aware of when you start doing it and have some affirmative thoughts to help you recognize that the behavior is not helpful.
  • Rather than choosing to be envious, get inspired and learn from others in your industry. Anyone who is more talented in your industry is an opportunity for you to learn from, and anyone you perceive to lack skill is an opportunity to fill a gap.
  • If someone is having more success or happiness or more anything, it does not mean you have to dislike them, it might just mean they are further down the road than you. Acknowledging another success positively can make you feel great, sending gratitude instead of envy is a humble and rewarding way to be a better person.
  • Believe in yourself, your key strengths and talents, use them, not exploring and living your gifts serves no one.
  • Try not to come from ego but from love, honor your values and have integrity so that those you deal with are certain to know you and understand and accept you for who you are and what you bring.


Best to remember we are all individual and unique and finding your own special qualities is a lot more valuable than imitating others or serving others needs to have the reward of their appreciation especially when it feels like a grind. You must live your own life, love yourself and accept yourself. People will always judge you no matter what but at the end of the day yours in the only life you live, embrace love and learning and strive to be better for you and by doing so you lift others by example.

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