It is that time of year for rebirth and renewal and great time to start detoxing and cleaning your insides and out! We feel great when we clean our environment and if we do the same for our body, our thoughts, emotions and activity use less effort to function at it’s peak. Our food options today are becoming more and more refined and processed and we need to make an extra effort to gear our attention and lifestyle habits toward organic and GREEN fresh foods to clean the insides!


With fashion festivals, Summer sports events starting and the pace of life picking up as we head toward the last quarter of the year if is a good time to take charge of your health and have a detox! Doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and party, I enjoy a good party too but like the French way of life it just means you balance it out! If you find you’re being excessive, lost sight of goodness to refuel your body take the time to regain balance!

Here is some coaching tips to get a detox plan going and it doesn’t have to be a total bore! I’ve included some links to free gifts, so take full advantage.

1. Drink more water, buy the coolest water bottle you can find, a fashion statement, make it your best accessory and carry it everywhere making sure it always full and always being emptied! 3 liters a day is recommended by dietitians. Here is the EarthLush range of cool water bottles.

2. Drink freshly squeezed juice or smoothies as a sweet snack instead of processed treats. Try visiting Boost Juice they have a huge menu of yummy, healthy drinks that will hit the spot when having a sweet craving! They are offering a FREE juice when you buy a copy of Janie Ellis’s new book The Secret to my Success!  She is an amazing business woman and has given us a healthy option for fast food, changing the Industry Globally!

10592815_10152589195299694_4868653991832091909_n3. Meditate or create time for stillness during your day. The morning is good for this, 15 minutes to appreciate life, relationships and materials is a great way to set the tone for your day of feeling good psychologically and emotionally. At night 15 minutes before you sleep can cleanse the day in your mind of any challenges you faced or issues you had when things didn’t go well AND prepares your mind for sorting the day ahead subconsciously!

4. Eat as much fresh food as possible, its not hard to do, go green, anything that uses fresh ingredients is good for you, avoid processed food like the plague. Just remember the work it takes to digest and create, when you could be using that energy for more useful things! Asian or Mediterranean food is always a good option, lots of fresh, raw, boiled and green ingredients. And go Vegie often even if your a meat eater. Lentil as Anything is a great Veg concept where you make a donation for your meal. Missing my hippy chic mate who went to Byron Bay to live, she was my regular Lentils buddy! Must visit her soon.

15259_10152610361869694_2355351561693821843_n5. Exercise daily, by going to a gym your assured to have a space booked in for an appropriate amount of physical expenditure. If not gym, try walking to your destination instead of driving. Play sports as often as you can, and instead of sitting in front of the TV, try being active! Pump weights, increase your muscle tone and see the difference a bit of strength makes!

10514529_10152589181899694_2395070761216764215_n6. Kick off your detox with a vacation, getting out of the rut is a good way to start a new beginning. Our environment impacts us and our ability to change our habits so if your environment is not conducive to the changes you wish to make, change your environment! El Questro is a nature get away in the remote Kimberly Ranges and on my personal bucket list, the owner used to be my client and often bragged to me about the natural beauty of this remote destination! I’m off to Byron Bay very soon, it’s the most Eastern tip of Oz and a hippy, yuppie hub for the boho lifestyle of the gypset! Check out this retreat! 

497398-707f721a-639a-11e3-8bef-f68fbd62ade27. Have a massage or beauty treatment. Taking care of your body is essential to being your best, you’re only given one body and one life, take best care of it, it’s your greatest asset. A great traditional Thai massage place is Thai Fusion it’s not the most relaxing experience until afterward but those little ladies will sure work out any tensions or knots and crack all your joints to have you more subtle in no time!

8. Practice Yoga in a class or using a video or book. Stretching your muscles and holding stretches helps the circulation and flow of your energy. It also increases the awareness you have of your physical needs and puts you in tune with your body within it’s environment. Check out Lululemon Community Yoga in stores across the country twice a week for FREE!

19. Be aware of what you’re exposed to Psychologically, look at your environmental exposure and determine if it is positive and helping you to grow and be nourished, remember if it doesn’t facilitate your basic needs and desires you won’t be contributing much to it either thats a vicious cycle. When your cup is full and spilling over you can genuinely give back value! If it’s not change it for the betterment of all!

10. Smile and look on the bright side of life. Natures endorphin’s are the chemistry of growth. Being happy is an expansive energy that is contagious and helps to live and empower others to shine! If not feeling 100%, be actively involved in seeking to expose your self to things that make you happy. Write a list, check it often and DO what you need to do to achieve it, most importantly remember to BE happy not in pursuit of it!


Need help with Detox plan and strategy? Call me on 0423703960 and I can coach you through to a trim, toned and energetic new you! Currently in my life I am focussed on doing all of these things and look forward to sharing this journey with you all on my social media!

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