Self Love Series Event was held in my hood yesterday. I was invited to join a tribe of women in South Yarra for a full day workshop! Outrageous isn’t isn’t it? Can you imagine a full day devoted to loving yourself? Luxurious!

I’m a single mum of four and I can tell you self love is a must have on my menu for life and I was so happy to see there was a room full of women who agreed and were enthusiastic about self lurvin!

Hosted by The Daily Guru, a Sydney based online publication offering daily serves of personal growth, wellbeing and events, the Self Love Series Event featured four speaker/facilitators from the Wellness Industry.

Rebecca Caines (Daily Guru Founder) graciously hosted the event with Steph Demetrious, Sara Brooke, Amelia Willams and Julie Parker, four women with an inspiring life story and professional approach to helping people live their best life.

Photo 31-05-2015 6 43 31 am

The ladies were engaging, authentic, motivating, empowering and funny! The audience connected to the message and was genuinely curious to discover ways to love self more. They made me proud to be a woman in this field of work!

My personal take away from the Self Love Series Event was very aligned with where I am at personally and even professionally, developing relationships, primarily the one with myself and as an extension how I reflect that into those I work with in meaningful collaboration. It was a gentle, loving and feminine reminder that we deserve our love and compassion and so do our fellow brothers and sisters, we are all connected on this exciting journey and have so much to give.

Photo 30-05-2015 2 18 02 pm

The workshop was practical and we were given a tool kit of techniques to try at home and practiced them within the group, meditation, visualisation, journalling, creative writing, and role play with a partner. All powerful coaching tools to help us on the self love journey.

Today I am consolidating the event by sharing some of the content with my four daughters and developing some rituals within the home that combines all our self care/love visions.

A big warm thank you to Rebecca from Daily Guru, coming from Industry it was fabulous to see all the different approaches to personal development, the message is the same, we package it differently and by doing so allow everyone to find a connection to the well of love that is within us all waiting to be shared.

I celebrate myself, and sing myself.- Walt Whitman




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