Self Coaching Saturday is a blog for personal development you can do on your own! Seeing a life coach or business coach can help you clarify your goals and vision, accelerate your personal or professional growth or support you will tools and conversation during periods of change. Much of what you learn during coaching is transferrable into everyday life.


The tools and questions used in coaching are takeaway nuggets of gold to help you approach life in ways that are more aligned with your current values.

Todays blog shares some valuable self coaching tips to try at home and Melbourne Coach September workshop is on this very same topic. The Self Coaching Series is a 3 hour workshop to equip you with tools and practices to help you be your own coach and is a third of the price of a coaching session! Register here for 12/9 at 2pm and join in the fun!

1. Ask yourself the right questions. Coaches ask questions to expand insights and allow space for the client to answer. You can do this for yourself in quiet space for reflection using a thought diary. Becoming solution focussed will help this process.

2. Keep a journal. Writing your thoughts and feelings down begins to externalise your inner content, allows creativity to flow and  you to look at things objectively.

3. Under promise, over deliver. Don’t take on too much, life is already busy and allowing yourself some free space means you will be open to opportunities that arise in the moment. Being realistic about what you can achieve and agree to will also let you give a little extra when you can!

4. Self Celebrate. Acknowledging your success and making the time to reward yourself is positive and makes the process of achievement even sweeter and fulfilling.

5. Lighten Up. It is difficult to admit when you are wrong but owning your mistakes in life will give you the freedom to change and not have to be perfect all the time. Perfection is not realistic and the more you strive for the elusive perfection the more you will fall short from reaching it, because the striving in itself is a state of imperfection that will only attract more of the same. Be kind and caring toward yourself.

6. Create a tribe. Develop a network groups of friends you can hang out with and be accountable to so that you can grow within close intimate relationships, bounce your ideas with trusted folk and inspire each other to keep pushing the envelope. Not everyone needs to agree with you but they do need to be able to offer constructive criticism if asked and contribute to the groups growth consistently. Some people like to call these master mind groups and people with diverse strengths and talents should be represented. Occasional group coaching sessions can also deliver these opportunities to learn more self coaching tools.


There is six Saturday Self Coaching tips to try this week to make a huge difference in your life. Don’t forget to check out our next workshop The Self Coaching Series and take advantage of the early bird special.



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