Women today need to achieve a juggling act that often leaves them full of every bodies else’s expectations and not really in touch with what they want. As natural carers we tend to put others needs before our own, we take on too much and feel overwhelmed and unclear about where we are going. In order to really make a difference we must first learn to have all our needs met, find our power and strength within and learn the skills of self-care and nurture.

I have dedicated this page to women and their needs, we should share these skills with one another and support our female friends so that all women can shine, we do not need to compete and criticize each other but in unity we can all learn and grow to be strong and powerful in the way nature intended.

The mechanics of the female body work quite differently to men, we have a menstrual cycles intended to allow us to be fertile once a month, we can grow and give life through pregnancy, and finally we experience a letting go of our fertility as we enter menopause. Not only this we experience outward emotion quite readily, have a keen instinct, are connected to our hearts intelligence and the natural world.

If you have lost touch with your own womanliness please take some time to read these tips from the Women’s Meditation Toolkit.

BUSINESS WOMEN: Your day is hectic, scheduled and demanding. You don’t have time to sit cross legged for one hour most days and yet you wish for some “me” time without loosing clients, profits and effectiveness. Take hold of yourself and tell yourself with authority and strength, that your greatest asset is YOU!

Meditation is easy if you didn’t think it would be taking something from your life. Well guess what, Meditation is life giving and can be achieved in as little as three minutes or less. You don’t need to stop in fact, provided you can become aware of your body, say hello to all parts of your body and check in with how they are feeling inside. Touch your body and offer thanks, become aware of where it is placed in your environment and notice your thoughts are now focusing on the inside.

A few breaths like this and you’ll be well on your way to knowing yourself from the inside out and guess what, the body is full of intelligent instinct that will act as a guiding mechanism when your making business deals, negotiating and creating.

MARRIAGE: Relationships today are complex and roles are often unclear and eclectic to how we may have been brought up to believe, in one ways the role of wife can be very liberating these days and in other ways husbands still expect a lot and have their comforts. While maintaining peace, love and mutual respect your needs as an individual in a marriage can be often put on the back burner.

Meditation can do wonders for intimacy and relationships, by getting to know our own needs we able to communicate those better, honour own true path and teach people how we need to be treated.

First thing in the morning is a great time to take a moment to listen to your inner rhythm, sitting in bed while still in PJ’s take a few long breaths until you notice your breath softens, turn your attention to your Stomach and chest and allow the breath to really vitalise the core of yourself. Stand up when your feeling relaxed and stretch to the sky, then touch your toes, wiggle your hips and straighten your back and stretch your shoulders back. Take a look in the mirror and smile at the wonderful wife you have become. Invite your husband to join you in your morning meditation!

CARRER: Women who have career’s they are dedicated to often find they are continuously meeting deadlines, taking on the demands of others, navigating through tricky relationships at work, and all the while trying to achieve more so that they are noticed and can move upwards on the corporate ladder. Still today though many organisations are male dominated and if you’re a women with ambition you’ll need to work harder and smarter than any of your male counterparts to get to where you need to go.

But don’t fight this resistance, learn the skills you need to let it go and to no longer be affected by the influences that try to have power over you. Work smarter not harder.

Throughout your day, maintain a meditative mindset by engaging these small techniques. During your tea breaks, take a moment to sip your tea, feel the hot liquid on your lips, breath in the aromas and sweetness of air surrounding you. Drink the tea with sensuality and notice how your feeling inside, don’t deny yourself feelings even in a man’s world because your strength is located in your body. Get in touch with it!

Take a toilet break and as you wash your hands, enjoy the water as it falls over you and give thanks for the amazing women you’ve become.

Honour your womanliness by sharing all that you are and not trying to be less of who you are, in this way you will be more authentic, appreciated and aligned with your purpose. Reach for the top and when you get there lead with the feminine power within!

PREGNANCY: This amazing experience is like coming come but getting larger, more exhausted, hormonal changes constantly, you feel awkward, yet you can’t stop because life is so busy but everyone keeps saying, put your feet up! PHEW. This can be a really interesting time for women especially the first, transformation during pregnancy is a unique time in your life and to embrace it without resistance will give you a profound insight into the meaning and mechanics of the female body.

Whether you’re standing or sitting, be upright and breathe some full breaths into your chest and on the exhale say ahh, or whatever is comfortable for you. Wrap your hands lovingly around your womb and take your attention and awareness to your bundle inside. Communicate your loving emotions to your unborn baby and express what you’re feeling out loud or in a way that feels right for you.

Notice throughout your day any resistance your feeling in your body and ask yourself, where is this coming from? Take some time to let the resistance go, through breath, movement and giving yourself and your baby loving emotion and kindness, be gentle with you. Stay connected with your body and baby.

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