I am working closely on a creative art therapy project with a very gifted lady who inspires me to no end. The journey has been one I took a chance on to see if anything could become of being involved together professionally. It is just the beginning but I know I am closer to what I meant to be doing now in life.

We each have a past, sometimes it can be a painful one, often we feel like a prisoner to it and go round and round in circles trying to make sense of it all. What I have come to understand that something that happens in the past is gone, you deal with it at the time with the resources you have and throughout life have the opportunity to learn and grow in every experience handling similar experiences better to get closer to who you wish to be.
Taking responsibility is just that, its the ability to handle your response, choosing to do so in a way that fosters growth is smart. Facing your past demons or the emotional content that holds you back is the only way to overcome, avoidance brings no peace, self medicating is an example of societies sick way of masking pain, its epidemic.

Reliving an emotional reaction that comes from memory is sickening, breathe, compose yourself and be in the moment and then after some time, determine is this really about now? If not let it go, the more you do this, the more you create a better condition within.    be-free

Sharing your story gives understanding to others and fosters empathy within humanity and taking responsibility for your life instead of continuing the role of a victim empowers you to make better choices that honor your authentic self. Many victims of hurt and pain live from one disaster to the next, dysfunction becomes the norm.

It doesn’t have to be this way, tools such as self love, meditation and healthy habits can heal the mind and body. Committing to change and seeking the help of others to make you accountable to change can give you extra courage to improve your life. Beware that sometimes you yourself are heavily invested in being a victim and that is the story that plays over and over in your head, inviting more opportunities for the same to come into your life.

Try and re-frame your experiences, and take ownership for where you at, knowing its is exactly where you are meant to be on the threshold of a new moment and opportunity to live the life of your dreams. Spend some time thinking about exactly how you do want your life to be and then begin logically taking the steps to achieve it.

Leave the emotional baggage about the past back where it belongs, in the past and be grateful for this brand new day to get it right! Don’t beat yourself up if you slip, you have 364 chances a year to get it right!!!


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