The art of re-framing is a very useful psychological tool for creating the life you want. Reframing involves changing the context or content of a past memory and its meaning to us, it is all a matter of perspective. The meaning we attribute to our memories are what influence our reactions in the present. When we experience a situation we automatically recall a memory of a similar content to help us with information about the event.
The thing is though, sometimes we may have framed an event when we were not mature enough to look at it from an adult perspective or did not have enough information to really help us navigate through the experience in the best possible way. Then every other time we have this experience we come up against a brick wall and feel like we are not moving forward.
Re-framing is about taking the time to look at those memories and adjust the emotional context by dissociating yourself from the situation and observing it from a distance, by doing so you will automatically feel different about the memory. Decide on a more productive way to handle the situation so in the future when you come up against this trigger you will have processed a new pattern that will be more congruent and in line with the outcomes your after.
Reframing can also be applied before situations for example before you take part in an activity, set an intention in your mind about what outcome you’d like and how you would like to feel. Then during your interactions make sure your behavior supports and moves toward the intention and frame you have put on your experience giving purpose and meaning to your behavior.
Re-framing is usually done for us in the media, with products that tell us how we will feel, look and be and it is common for us to buy into the frames not just buying a product but a lifestyle.
We can achieve the same results with our interactions by applying a frame to them that supports our lifestyle, dreams and purpose. Reframing is an NLP technique and one often used in Life Coaching, it is best done with a trained Life Coach to help you move through the process to discover a new way to be that supports your vision.

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