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Wellbeing Workshop


Product Description

Unplug, tune into your mind and body and step into a restorative workshop. The Wellbeing workshop is your chance to unwind, connect kindly with yourself and learn skills for wellbeing. 

Sick of working hard and feeling like you never stop to enjoy the little moments? The stressful demands of modern life can very quickly accumulate and get out of control. 

The Wellbeing Workshop is a self-care opportunity in the heart of Hawthorn. Join us for a relaxing morning of mindfulness, self-compassion and wellness coaching with a nutritious morning tea, lovingly provided by our local cafe. All skills you can learn and implement into your daily life to keep your stress levels in check!

This is a perfect opportunity for the busy professional or parent who needs some time out to nurture themselves, ideal for healthcare workers, coaches, and trainers who want to learn skills for self-care, confidence and being present in life and work.

Location: 142 Auburn road, Hawthorn

Time: 10-12pm

Date: 15/7/2017

Cost: $69

The wellbeing workshop includes:

• Formal and informal Mindfulness practice

• Inquiry and group discussion 

• Coaching exercises and activities 

• Self-compassion strategies and practice 

• Nutritious morning tea and mindful eating experience

• Crafting your personal Wellbeing Plan 

The wellbeing workshop will be held in a lounge style room and will begin with mindfulness practices to slow down and connect with our minds, hearts and body, before moving into inquiry and discussion. We will then be learning and practising self-compassion core skills essential for being less hard on yourself before our nutritious morning tea mindful eating experience. We’ll then explore interpersonal mindfulness activities and wellness coaching that involves crafting your personal wellbeing plan.

The wellbeing workshop is ideal for busy professionals, people working in care giving or leadership roles, students and anyone wanting to skill up on strategies for living a fulfilling life. You may like to bring your own blanket and meditation props. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Mindfulness Coach

Marion is an experienced and certified Life Coach and Mindfulness Teacher working with professionals and students. She is passionate about wellbeing and leadership and empowering personal growth. She inspires her clients to develop their career, relationships and wellbeing with renewed motivation.

Marion studied at the Life Coaching Institute of Australia and holds a Life Coaching Diploma with a speciality in Health/Wellness  and Business. She did meditation teacher training in 2009, attended the mindful leadership forum masterclass in 2016 and self-compassion training in 2017. Marion has done Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction teacher training. Marion has an established practice in Hawthorn, Melbourne, is a mother of four and loves the beach.


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