Creating a work space that is flexible, creative and welcoming is no different to home decorating but keep in mind this space needs to be professional and fun! I always see work space in offices as boring environments and wonder how anything fun can be created in such stale environments, especially when there is no fresh air, colour and space!


Luckily in my practise I’ve avoided offices and mostly kept to cafe’s and public spaces for coaching and at the moment Im working on a home office space and preparing to lease or hire a ┬ástudio/office. As most of us are mindful of space we must use what we have innovatively to capture the most functionality while having a space that feels appropriate.

Here is some tips to designing your creative space:

  • Design boards that can show off your creativity and creative solutions for solving problems
  • Ensure their are emotional and intellectual touch-points on display to keep you inspired
  • Allow freedoms within the environment for change,growth and even mistakes.
  • Think of the hotel you want to stay in on holiday, it wouldn’t be grey and dull.
  • Try to reduce your non-work distractions in your space.
  • A visually stimulating space inspires creativity
  • Natural light improves productivity and mood, try and position it near a window.
  • Have a calender to remind you of your schedule even though there are digital options you can’t beat the tradition one starring you in the face for planning.
  • A desk top lamp can do wonders to add lighting and reduce eye strain.
  • A floor rug, softens the comfort level of your area.
  • A good chair is imperative, having an upright chair to support you while working is important, add a pillow for extra back support. Don’t be a sloucher.
  • Have somewhere for your pencils, pens and office equipment handy that is neat and tidy, mess is distracting and unproductive.
  • Storage is a great idea to hide away stuff and keep the place neat.


I’ve almost finished working on my renovated space and will visit IKEA today to get the last few pieces, I currently have a coaching room in Camberwell within a health services building and working out of a studio and home office. The home office needed an upgrade and is looking and feeling like a naturally creative space within the home that merges home comfort with creativity, I’ve included my bands colours into the design, red for prosperity! There is not a lot of distinction between my work and home life, although I do keep a balance, I live a lifestyle around my creative work and that’s reflected in my creative space and home.

If you need help organising and refurbishing some part of your life, coaching is a great tool for support through transition or change, creative spaces, lifestyle changes, business start up are all areas of coaching I have had experience. Having a Life Coaching for six weeks is a sure way to get momentum in your life!

Email for more information.


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