Changing your life is never easy, we have built in neural detectors to keep us on a straight and narrow path, it is why most of the population go round in circles and the majority of generations stay within the same social and socio-economic boundaries as their ancestors.

Here is some Coaching tips to help with Change, Motivation and Happiness!



  1. Write down or run through in your head 10 positive things that happened to you during your day.
  2. Go to bed a bit earlier, sleep it is vital to having clear thoughts and renewed energy.
  3. Set your intentions for the day in the morning and do the hardest jobs first.
  4. When stuck in transit or travelling to destination have audio or books to make use of time.
  5. Today do something that freaks you out! Say hi to a stranger etc, facing uncomfortable emotions is the key to getting rid of them.
  6. In years to come you will be more happy with the things you did do than those you didn’t so see everyday as an opportunity for growth.
  7. Laugh as much as you can, humour and feeling good helps relieve the negative emotions experienced with changing your life.
  8. Stay fit, eat healthy, and meditate.
  9. Visualise yourself achieving your goals, feel it and imagine it already done.
  10. Practice mini-goals and be determined to achieve them.
  11. If you come across obstacles find new ways to get around them, persistence is key.
  12. Get a mentor or Coach to keep you moving and help with the process of change.



So one dramatic overhaul to your life is not necessary it is the little sneaky upgrades that make the difference and this is why it always about the little things. Establish good daily habits that work toward the change step by step, stay committed to your goals through the tough time and take a student approach to life, learn all you can and let your experiences shape your character.



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