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Have you taken the time to ponder on your virtues and faults, to look at your thoughts and feelings and those of others around you also. Doing so will help you asses the decisions you have made in life and how they impact you and those you share life with. Reflecting gives you an opportunity to make profound and constructive change in your life and align your goals with values. Change usually means letting go of some things you previously identified with and keeping others, sometimes even people. The outcome and quality of your reflective period will determine the accuracy of your intuition moving forward.

Tips for being able to reflect:

1. Find a silent and solitude space to cultivate the art of reflection. Try meditation practice to focus the mind.

2. Look back through positive and negative thoughts and feel them in your body as you re-live them. Try to be understanding about the thoughts and emotions and observe yourself with space, giving you a compassionate approach towards why you felt like that at the time. This helps put it into perspective and clear the mind for future.

3. Increase your awareness and observation of events around you, it can be accomplished by living in the present moment.

4. Follow intuition or gut feels, they tell you when things are not right. If things get too difficult maybe they are not right for you.

5. Use a mirror, look at yourself and observe what you see. Do you approve of this image? Are you impressed by it? Do you feel there need to be changes. Observe the subtle nuances. And learn to have a positive dialogue with yourself.

6. Share with a trusted friend, mentor or coach. Reflecting with someone who can mirror you will help you see your thoughts and feelings objectively from a distance. This can help you externalise anything that may have in the past held you back.

Part of coaching is reflection, reflection helps us understand the past and package in a way thats helpful to the future and goals. I hope everyone takes the time to reflect on life and give them selves the space and time to determine how to make the most of their life journey.




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