Can you please tell me about your business?

A pitch is what you tell the world about your business and nowadays you have several platforms to do that on instead of just ‘in person’. You might be either at an event, down the street, doing an interview, designing your next round of marketing material, establishing a story for content marketing, designing your home page, sending out an email in response to a new customer enquiry or about to publish something online today. All these platforms are ways you can communicate to your customers and potential customers and share what you do.

Many of us in business don’t get time to write lengthy business plans so establishing a basic brand story capturing your strengths and values is a good start, and can act as a foundation to build or grow your business. Most people when they decide to start working on the business rather than in it need to go through this process of clarifying the brand story so they can grow the business through all the different systems with clear purpose. The pitch should be developed from the brand story is the statement that is the public message designed to capture your audiences attention.

It is so important to develop a clear pitch and be able to capture it in writing, illustration, images and refine it.  Your brand story is an extended story that can evolve with your brand over time that has meaning and purpose to all involved, the pitch is the hook.

The pitch usually leads into a the customer wanting to know more information but it is meant to grab their attention and be the purpose of the business. Ideally the pitch should be one sentence.

Some tips for creating your business pitch are:


1. It should have your unique selling point. (USP)

2. Less is more. The more simple it is the more powerful it will be.

3. Inspire confidence with facts and guarantees.

4. Identify a problem and offer a solution.

5. Keep your target market in mind.

6. Think about the advantages your solution offers over the competition.

7. Get your team involved, brainstorm and gather their ideas via meeting, survey or group email.

8. Get creative during the brainstorming process, use colour, shapes, mag cut outs, images, words and record all ideas and contributions on paper or pc first. Then begin to refine. Doing so allows the creative process to emerge naturally without forcing the outcome.

9. Be exciting and inspire a sense of connection.

10. Stand out and be creative.

Let’s look at a few great pitches:

Uber (ride sharing): Your ride, on demand. Transportation within minutes via the Uber app.

Well+Good (wellness publication): Your healthiest relationship.

Icprint (graphic and printing) Get your business moving

Ray White (real estate): Property for sale rent or lease.

Melbourne Coach (coaching): Your goals, achieved.

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