Personal brand connection is the ability to intentionally communicate, what makes you YOU. Consciously crafting your personal brand to represent exactly who you are is a good idea but either way it’s going to exist. You already have a digital footprint that spans years, this is part of your personal brand building blocks and one of the most significant ways you can connect with others.

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There are some ways to start building your amazing personal brand, perhaps reinvent yourself and if you are in business it is important to make sure your personal brand is recognisable and congruent with your personal values and strengths and that of your company also!


  • Think of yourself as a brand. What do you stand for, what are your core values and what are you an expert in? What intuitive qualities do you have? Authenticity is the key to personal brand success and knowing these key characteristics will help you leverage them.
  • Secure a personal website so your name ranks in Google, it can be just a few basic pages about you but separate from your business page.
  • Add Value. Find ways to add value online by contributing content that is aligned with your brand. Do this by developing a content strategy.
  • Be purposeful in your sharing. Every message, tweet, FB post and pic on IG should have purpose in communicating your values and representing your personal brand message with intention, that’s why it’s called ‘social’ media.
  • Have a narrative. A strong personal brand has has a narrative you can easily communicate especially if you have multiple passions it is necessary to have an overriding theme that is consistent.
  • Form a strategy for how you will communicate your message. You can try a creative art  journal or vision collages workshop to learn the tools to express your personal brand and get a feel of colours, style, clothing, hair/mu, tone of voice, values, themes, genres, characters of your narrative that make up your personal brand culture and collaborations. This task will help you organise your personal brand into a vision and strategy.

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