There is something to be said for small steps. While many of us have massive expectations and want to leap across great distance in reality change happens from the little daily steps that bring you closer to your goals.

Transition is a time when your going through change of some kind and you have engaged the decision to leave the old way behind because you know it no longer serves your growth but the new way is not yet formed. This period can be quite dark and frightening as you are facing the fear of the unknown.


Using your imagination during transition helps foster the feeling and belief that you are ready for the change and gives you relief from the minds in-built systems apposed to change. An evolutionary function of the brain will try to keep you safe with the familiar way you have done and experienced things, it’s why generation after generation people  stay the same.

If you want to break a cycle or experience growth you must commit to letting go of the past, to let go does not mean to do anything but accept it and focus on now. That is probably quite hard for some but once you commit to it you know you can’t go back and that’s where the real challenge exists.

Leap of faith by Rena Harvey.

Leap of faith by Rena Harvey.

When you leave something familiar you have gaps, gaping holes in your experience that probably gave you a sense of fulfillment, during this time self love is paramount. Be the Mum or Dad to your heart and take on a caring and loving role to deliberately be gentle on yourself during change. Nurture and love yourself.

Here are just a few self love rituals that can make the transition better:

  • Bathing with candles and aromatherapy try the Australian candle maker Dusk for some relaxing perfumed candles, water can embrace and surround your body with warmth.
  • Reading a self help/development book, they are usually written as a guide to healing and it’s like having a coach. The happiness project is a great read.
  • Exercise, either a long walk for fresh air or some gentle low impact sport or training, engaging a PT is a great way to focus on goals Melbourne Body Works is a great PT in Melbourne
  • A day out sampling lovely food or wine, planning activities around food is a great way to be healthy and have fun.
  • Keeping a journal to measure you progress and download any adverse feelings to get a sense of removing them from your reality.
  • Taking pride in your environment. I recall when mum died my grandma came home from hospital and began to clean our oven and teach my young sister and i how to do it well. While it seemed like a crazy thing at the time she found it cathartic and gave us all a focus away from our grief and something we achieved that was simple in a dark period of our life.
  • Laugh and try to lighten up, if you’re alive you’re not dying, being happy feels good so don’t feel guilty about having a laugh no matter how silly it is!
  • Breathe and relax your body and mind through stillness to renew your mind and be present for the change.

Transitional periods are probably the most un-liked phase of anyone’s life but they are times when you are reshaping and manifesting so resisting change and remaining stuck will thwart the process. Being open and allowing life to unfold present for each moment with a gentle accepting heart and soul will help you step into the light and inhabit your developmental process.


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