2018 is here you may already be taking some time for retrospection and reevaluating some of your life choices. A New Year can bring a new focus. To help you move forward into 2018 let’s take a look at 5 essential coaching approaches for setting New Years resolutions. 

  1. Take time to reflect on 2017 and identify any important changes you want to make. 2. Align your resolutions with your core values and character strengths-what gives your life a sense of purpose and what are you really good at? 3. Write them down as SMART goals- Specific, meaningful, achievable, realistic and time framed. 4. Connect your New Years resolutions with the big vision for your life and the greater good of the world. 5. Firstly accept the reality of your life in this present moment and then take small actionable steps forward.

Bring a sense of whole self to your New Years resolutions by exploring goals from a life-balanced perspective. Here are some simple steps we use to get you started on your New Years resolutions for 2018 in many of the popular areas we focus on in coaching.

Career: If you’re embarking on a career change try journaling the unique skills and strengths you can bring to the position and look at what values you want to engage in your new career. Start practicing your pitch and when you are clear on what kind of career change you’d like start getting in front of people who have those kinds of positions and connect.

Love: If you’re wanting to attract new love after a break up give yourself time to heal, understand what makes you feel loved and begin to focus on what kind of relationship you would like in your life. Being aware and self-compassionate of your vulnerabilities can also help you be more skillful in navigating the difficulties of break ups, let go of any unhelpful behavioral patterns and make space for new experiences.

Finances: New Year is a great time to set financial goals and set up a practical monthly budget for your life to help you achieve them. Begin by listing all your expenses and earnings right now, and then cross off as many expenses as you can to increase your savings in the New Year. If you have debt you need to clear use your savings to begin chipping at away at the debt with the goal to eventually start a saving fund. Every dollar counts.

Health/Fitness: Become aware of impulsive eating and drinking by feeling into the bodily sensations and inquire firstly if it’s actually a hunger impulse you’re experiencing. A mindful approach to eating can help you slow down, be aware of unhelpful thoughts and make wiser choices around eating. An exercise friend for social walks/talks over the holidays and perhaps even a gym buddy can increase your fitness motivation and keep you accountable to your fitness goals.

Education: To learn effectively we must take care of our mental health and wellbeing. Exams time can be stressful for students wanting top grades. Mindfulness can help the mind stay focused, reduce stress and increase resiliency for students. Any type of new learning including adults returning to study and learning a new language can be enhanced with mindfulness skills.

Wellbeing: Has your year been busy and stressful? Having a personal mindfulness practice can help you regulate emotionally, calm the mind and move from feeling like you’re just barely surviving to flourishing and living an intentional life of goodness.

Common mistakes that lead us to give up on our new years resolutions are having to high expectations, perfectionism, comfort zones, or choosing unrealistic goals and not small, positive lifestyle changes. When you break your New Years resolutions try not to be too hard on yourself, adopt a self-compassionate voice that rewards the process of trying rather than the outcome; this will allow room for failure and inevitably greater growth. Finding a life coach who matches; someone who is professionally certified in helping you achieve your goals is also a great way to get motivated and empowered to achieve your New Years resolutions.

My New Years resolutions for 2018 involve everything from watching more sunsets, travel with my family and riding my bike to work. I also plan to continue expanding Melbourne Coach in workplaces and online so I can help more Australians contribute positively to a better world.

To celebrate the New Year and my favourite month of the year January I am offering $100 off online coaching programs. Contact info@melbournecoach.com.au to find out more. In person and workplace coaching packages also available. 


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