New Years for coaching is like July for accountants. People become motivated to start over, chase dreams and reassess all aspects of their lives.

Career is one aspect that is becoming increasingly harder to navigate as industries transform through the digital age and so many sectors uncertain for how it will pan out.


There has never been a better time to forge yourself a new career doing something you love, but quite often finding your passion can be challenging.

Here are some simple questions to begin to ask yourself to help the process of career change to begin.

1. If you could create the ideal professional role for yourself what would it look like? Try to imagine without limits, what you could be.

2. What beliefs would you have to change about yourself to create and sustain this role?

3. Where could you find a mentor or coach to support and champion you to become this role?

4. What is preventing you from going after this role? Can you find new ways to tackle these obstacles?

5. What can you do differently this month to showcase your talents?


Working with a notebook answer these initial questions, give it time to process and when you are ready to execute your answers you may like try coaching with me over a six week package to help you transition into a new career.

Do you have any other questions you think might be beneficial to understanding career change?



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