Well Hello New Week!

Although its a public holiday, its the 9-5er’s who really notice the diff, when your in business as I am everyday is a potential to expand your passion and do what you do, cause you lurve it so! However the weekend has been good time to chill and be lovely delish….

I’ve become uber motivated to do further coaching study so with my head in the books I have really made a difference, I am also working with a coaching psych so it has helped me reconcile everything in my own sessions as i dissect my life and readjust it and align. Coaching is like that, when you work with a client you have great insight and often find things improve or change in your life occurs. Mine certainly is step by step!

The mood is flighty and colourful, sense of lightness and ‘hyper relaxation’, yes there is a such a Maz State, it’s fabulous when you become immune to fluctuations outside of yourself, refine your focus and engage in what lifts you and makes you whole! And its exciting when you become aware of the subtle changes your thinking can have on your environment!!!


Vision is important in business and life and in any kind of partnership that vision must be shared and constantly innovated to match with the flux of life. Keeping your vision as an idea is good, writing it down is even better. Always write it in the present tense and make it positive, beaming with joy, enthusiasm and delight.

If your a visual person (like me) you may like to try a vision board, cut out images that inspire and quotes and photos of you enjoying yourself and don’t forget victories! Acknowledging your victories will boost the ego and allow you to inhabit the state of success, and help you feel your not pushing the achievement of your goals outside your life now.

Vision boards can also be used to style an event, party, creative project or business brand, it can really communicate the vibe you want to achieve overall. Here is an idea of diff images conveying a message.

Design vision board

Design vision board

If something in life is not working for you, don’t keep engaging in what does not work, remove yourself from it and step back to reflect. Doing so will give you perspective and greater understanding, from there you can sort out what you did like about the situation and focus on that part as with other aspects of your life and know its yours and available.


Other great ways to share your vision are to talk about it, tell your friends, workers, and family, make sure the culture of people that surrounds you supports it and are not playing against you. The more people who believe in you and your vision, the easier it will be to make it work because you’ll be supported. Good friends are your greatest asset, diversify where you can and share your imaginations and charge your goals with love!

Magic of friendships

Magic of friendships

Keep a small group you can brainstorm with, in this group you don’t want everyone to agree with you, a true leader or intentional thinker does not lead by fear but by lifting and facilitating others to engage their strengths to contribute to the overall goal. Having a small group of people from different professions and with different personalities and sometimes even beliefs can help you understand your purpose and how you wish to serve a segment of the community especially if your business but also in life, it can help you see gaps in your own awareness and weakness you have can be fulfilled.

Knowing how to better serve is not just about making more money or success but being on the edge of  understanding global changes and movements and how the public respond to them, being innovative. The love you give is the love you take.

Beware of limiting thinking, gremlins are often the cause of negative clouds of thought that shade your full potential. Whether you think you can or can not is the truth. I always say where there is a will there is a way. And lastly understand if you want something done, do it yourself, unless your in business and can delegate it! (or have several kids)


Happy Monday Musings & have a successful week!

Maz x


PS I love you to comment on my blog if have any feedback or questions, only to happy to respond!


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