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Our mindfulness coaching program can reduce stress/anxiety and boost your wellbeing. We teach simple and effective skills to help you be clear and feel good.

In Mindfulness Coaching you will practice shorter and longer daily mindfulness meditations, participate in insightful inquiry and be coached to integrate mindfulness for greater ease in life. 

Mindfulness can help you be less reactive and be more engaged in your whole life.


Benefits of the 6 Week Mindfulness Coaching Program: 

• Reduced stress and anxiety 

• Increased relaxation and calm 

• Develop confidence and self awareness 

• More happiness and joyfulness 

• Understand mind, body and emotions 

• Less controlled by negative thinking 

• Develop concentration, less distraction 

• Improved mental health & wellbeing 

• Develop self-compassion & kindness 

• Enhanced relationships 

• Deeper meaning and purpose

Mindfulness is a way of being, of seeing, of tapping into the full range of our humanity – often seen in playful children fully experiencing life in the here and now.

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Our Mindfulness Coaching program is for professionals, teachers, coaches/trainers, students and healthcare workers. Our programs can accrue Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points please see your professional organisations guidelines for their specific requirements. You must be over the age of 16 to attend. (See Youth Coaching program for teens.) You’ll be required to do readings, practises and activities every week. A genuine commitment to daily mindfulness meditation home practise is essential for the duration of the 6 weeks and hopefully beyond. 

The benefits of Mindfulness outlined in the American Psychology Association include  stress reduction, boosts to working memory, reduced rumination, improved focus, less emotional reactivity, cognitive flexibility, relationship satisfaction, enhance insight and increased immune function.

Mindfulness meditation practise can lead to significant changes in the brain aka brain plasticity. Improving connectivity to the self regulating region and decreasing the size of the reactive region of the brain.

Our evidence based program is offered as a secular framework but we acknowledge the teachings draw from the ancient, Eastern wisdom traditions of Buddhism.

Mindfulness Coaching is also offered in a group setting each term with Mindfulness For Life 6 Week Course.

Location: 142 Auburn Road, Hawthorn (entrance via Grace Street) or via Skype digitally.

What’s Included: 6 X 90min one on one sessions. A 45 page workbook, Downloadable Meditation MP3, follow up email resources and reflection. 

Marion Miller

Marion Miller

Mindfulness & Life Coach

Marion is an experienced and certified Life Coach and Mindfulness Teacher working with professionals and students. She is passionate about wellbeing and leadership and empowering personal growth. She inspires her clients to develop their career, relationships and wellbeing with mindfulness based integrations.

Marion studied at the Life Coaching Institute of Australia and holds a Life Coaching Diploma with a speciality in Health/Wellness  and Business. Marion was introduced to meditation in her early 20s. She first did meditation teacher training in 2009, attended the mindful leadership forum masterclass in 2016 and Self-compassion training and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction teacher training in 2017. Marion has an established practice in Hawthorn, Melbourne, is a mother of four and loves the beach.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the teachings of Mindfulness. Marion is just beautiful and compassionate and made me feel completely comfortable to be open and share my experiences.

Meanie Ryan


One thing I can see happening is change, and that’s because I’m taking accountability. I’m loving this. It’s fun, it’s challenging, it’s meaningful. Really glad I started this process. Looking forward to a really positive week.

Sam Arlington


The 6 week mindfulness course informed me of the importance of meditation for mental health. I found my skills set was improved and it improved my self-awareness and the development of greater calmness.

Aiden Jones

I have tried meditation in the past- many years ago. I remembering finding it difficult then, to silence my mind and focus “on the candle”. When I discovered Marion’s website I knew this was going to be a different approach to traditional meditation and that the scientific approach appealed to me.

I consider myself somewhat spiritual but I am still governed by my analytical side” the need to understand the process and the outcome- ultimately my need to control my environment”

From my 6 weeks with the class- I pushed aside the need to control and the frustration to perfect the process..and allowed myself to settle into the moment, no judgement, no criticism and no assessment” these are the key pillars to being present.

Once I adopted the process of Mindfulness, I become more aware of myself and the triggers to stress, empowering me at work and with managing situations- ultimately gaining more control”

I am committed to incorporating mindfulness into my routine and strongly recommend Marion’s 6 week session to all those that lead corporate and busy lifestyles.

Georgia Falke

Media Director

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