This week I attended a two day Mindful Self Compassion core skills training with Chris Germer (co-developer of MSC) and Kathleen Cator and I am grateful for The Contemplary making this opportunity possible. I enjoy the full day programs when studying contemplative practises as it allows you to become fully immersed in the training.
The most significant take-aways for me was the insight that my self-critical voice and mindful self-compassionate voice both desired the same thing only went about it differently; one motivating with fear and the other with love. This insight helped me to feel more whole and naturally allowed me to connect more lovingly with my own suffering. Instead of feeling like I had conflict or separation between the angel and devil inside my head and heart it helped me appreciate the experience of contrast and marry the two! (so to speak)
Working more skilfully with the alchemy of opening and closing (the heart) in the landscape of suffering helped me see how I have done this instinctively in the past but I can do it more intentionally now.
And the analogy of ‘backdraft’ when working with the body in compassion really helped me language the experience I had at vipassana retreat where after working with opening and closing, the door to my heart (and suffering) was flung open, a powerful rush of emotion moved through me instantly and I experienced the deepest letting go and contentment I have ever felt.

It continues to fascinate me how much of the teachings in mindfulness based integrations have had a distinctive feel of remembering my intrinsic nature. I could spend a life time contemplating why I ever forgot in the first place but there is much work to be done in the remembering and helping others remember!

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