Mindful over Matter Melbourne workshop happened last Saturday and a lovely group of people gathered with me to participate in a coaching workshop on Mindfulness. We explored the meaning of mindfulness, looked at the ways we think and process information and how we approach life in very different modes. The participants all connected with the content and found valuable learning points and insights during the workshop

One of the exercises involved mindfulness awareness of sensory perception and during the 20 minute meditation experience we travelled through each bodily sense to switch one off and focus on the next, this exercise is both empowering and enlightening when you begin to have awareness around how focus can expand your field of perception a bit like turning flood lights on.

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I saw many happy faces and there was a few laughs at the irony of discovering how completely out of control our minds are at times, esp in auto-pilot mode and how we will never be able to stop the constant bombardment of thoughts, what a relief to discover meditation doesn’t mean an empty mind! I think some people finally got it. Despite not being able to stop our minds through mindful awareness we can turn the volume up and down on the thoughts we wish to become and even develop a curious relationship with some of them in the present moment. I am now finishing off my long awaited, fun, interactive coaching book Mindful over Matter: Five weeks to mindful living journal. And it should be available on Amazon this Spring to take you right through to Summer mindfully : )

“My favourite takeaway from the session was ‘doing vs. being’
‘Do-ing’ referring to doing activities in autopilot mode. ‘Be-ing’ referring to being present when we do these activities.
Today I choose the latter and am now on my journey to being in the present! 
Thankyou @melbournecoach for a great workshop!”

We delved a little into creative narrative approaches by learning how to identify thinking styles and talking to yourself with a gentle and compassionate voice and although this idea seemed new to some it was well received and no doubt this week participants have had a chance to test it out! The feedback has been really awesome, I am so excited and empowered to be the Melbourne face of mindfulness and bringing it into the 21st century with a fresh urban approach that is real and achievable. I have received many emails thanking me and enquiries for one on one coaching and information about the next workshop which is now live on the website and will expand on some of themes in Mindful over Matter and introduce some new ones, please join us. Places are limited, book now!

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Thank you to our sponsors listed below. The gift bags were amazing and the cleansing juices from Karmic Cold Pressed Juice were the perfect refreshment after the workshop to replenish and refuel the body with nourishment that is completely natural. Visit the website to get your own customised cleansing juice pack delivered FRESH! The hair and beauty samples are awesome, and my hair and skin is glowing, can’t wait till my facial at Endota Spa Camberwell next Tuesday and I will be heading to all the stores soon to take advantage of these special offers just for us!

Thanks again for supporting the Melbourne Coach event we are very grateful and looking forward to working together again in the future to promote a well Australia! X Marion.





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