A simple Mindfulness exercise to try today!

So you don’t have time to meditate for an hour today but you don’t want to slip back into the forgetful state of automatic response that leads to stress; there are a few habits to maintain awareness through simple approaches that keep you on the mindful pathway….

Mindfulness isn’t a quick fix pill, it’s an on-going choice and practicing meditation is the key to developing your approach but sometimes we get busy and that’s where these tips can help anchor you in the present and help you stay positive, relaxed and focussed.

The Mindful Pause is a brief and effective practice and can be done in 15-20 seconds.

1.) Pause and feel your breath in and out for 20 seconds.

2.) Finish with the question which of my character strengths can bring forward right now?

No matter what you are doing you can apply this approach and it encourages you to bring your best self to the situation you’re already in and prepares you for the next situation.

Got a question about Mindfulness?

Ask me today and I will respond personally.

Have a Mindful Monday,

Marion X

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