The holiday season is here, let’s make this a mindful holiday season!

This time of year there can be so much pressure and excess and it can be exhausting trying to keep up with events, meetings, work and social life in a balanced way. Everyone wants to catch up before the end of the year and celebrate with food, alcohol and gifts so you can either perpetuate this idea or approach the holidays in a balanced way.

This time of year can also be a magical time to connect deeply with your loved ones, reflect on your years achievements and be grateful for all you have right now.  By paying particular attention to keeping a balance and observing what feels overwhelming can help you actually thrive during the holiday season without needing to live by the idea the “more” the “merrier.” 

Here’s 5 tips for a mindful holiday season that will get you through to the New Year feeling balanced and grateful.

1. You can say no. Saying yes to everything and everyone at this time of year can deplete you of time and energy for yourself. Be mindful of the expectations you put on yourself for providing everyone with a holiday experience, gift and special time together and just be realistic about what you can manage. Make time for self-care that fills your cup too.

2. Gift giving in the west becomes excessive and can often leave you feeling lonely despite all the expense and expectations of joy. If this is the case try offering some of your time to those less fortunate, you don’t need to give elaborate materialistic gifts but rather give your time and energy to someone who may really need some attention and this can be the gift that fills your heart.

3. Are you trying to reach social media’s idea of the perfect holiday season? Take time to reflect on what matters most to you by trying to get in touch with your values mindfully. Taking some time to be present and slow down can help you get perspective on what matters most.

4. Do you find yourself indulging and then feeling incredibly guilty for doing so only to repeat the cycle again? Instead try savouring and being grateful in the present moment. Be mindful of every drink and food you consume and bring more thankfulness to it and you’ll find a greater sense of balance and appreciation.

5. Do you find spending time with the family stressful? Be mindful of family stress during the holiday season and slow down to really observe with awareness where it is coming from. Most of time our stress can arise based on the past experience and memory so being present and feeling into the body and being mindful of the context of old stressors reappearing as anxiety can help you let go more easier. 

For more information on how to use mindfulness based coaching to thrive in your everyday life, relationships and work please contact Marion at 

Have a Mindful Holiday Season! 

“The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

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