Mind Mapping is visual information tool that allows to organise information in a creative, less structured way than traditional plans. I love to use this tool when planning with creatives. We use a bunch of colours and butchers paper and run our ideas in a group expanding on the original seed idea.


I find most artists prefer this tool then say a business plan template as it allows for deep organic exploration and there are also many way to use it.

Some of the benefits of using mind mapping are:

  • improved capacity to see the big picture.
  • detailed information presentation
  • easy way to remember large chunks of information
  • improved memory and retention
  • improved note taking ability
  • unlock hidden understanding with large information chunks
  • unlock creative insights in the process
  • clarify goals
  • clarify plans and actions
  • triggers creative associations
  • saves time
  • great way to collaborate on a project
  • improves problem solving ability


There is also some great software available for mind mapping online and here is a link to a great instructional on how to draw a mind map!


There is also many Mind Map Apps, I checked out Mind Maple for iphone.

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Packed with unique features, this brainstorming platform is elegant, user-friendly, fast and efficient. It is a non-web-based platform that works perfectly on any operating system you use. Keybord shortcuts and formatting options are intuitive so nodes are created easily and where you want them. Colours to choose from.

Have you tried map mapping? What are some great ways to use this really cool tool for your creative and personal life?

For my business I started developing plans on Mind Maps, I am now going to refine these ideas into a plan I can show a bank, accountants and directors. The Mind Map is a workable plan, absolutely great for drafting ideas!

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