Metafit and Meditation was launched this morning under the glorious sunshine at Elwood Beach Park!

It was my first Metafit training session at Elwood Beach Park (near the BBQ’s) for some fast paced exercise within a group, lead by Bianca at Blue Sky Fitness. She had us up, down and in a plank, sideways and commando crawling till my heart was racing fast and my legs were shaking and yes sweat was dripping off my chest. Hah! Luckily I managed not to collapse and with Bianca’s firm but friendly coaching I was motivated just to smash out one more exercise, I couldn’t give up…

Metafit is total body-weight training. It will help you to burn fat, tone up, lose weight, build muscle and get fitter….all in 30 min sessions!

Created by a former Royal Marine Commando and a national gymnast, Metafit combines traditional bodyweight exercises with the latest interval and tabata techniques to set the metabolism on fire! I’m feeling the fire for sure!

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Admittedly I’m not accustomed to cardio style workouts, I’ve always been a yoga or Pilates girl so for me it was quite an awakening of muscle and heart syncronisation but the regulars kept up and I was not too far behind. What was so great was we pushed really, really hard and got short little breaks to catch our breath in between. It was kind of like little sprints and breathers. And I felt like it was army training, preparation for anything life may throw at us. Talk about strong women! Amazing….

Two hours later I can feel my heart is stronger and legs a bit shaky and I can see how working out in this way is convenient, challenging and ultimately addictive. Metafit boosts your metabolism and the increases experienced long after the workout is finished and I can say Im  still feeling the fire now.

Just after some cool down stretches we did some meditation using one of the scripts form my soon to be published book and digital goodies City Zen. Taking a meditation class while my heart was racing was something else, imagine a fem buddha in a Ferrari!  With the focus ‘Today will be a good day’ being our mantra and anchor for focus we found our zen space while being surrounded by the sights and sounds of city and the glorious sunshine beaming  down on us.

Thanks to the lovely ladies who attended, it was such a pleasure!

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To find out more about Metafit training follow @bsfmelb for updates and for corporate enquiries for Metafit and Meditation contact or


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