Melbourne Coach TV Launch has finally happened!

Lights Camera Action!

This is going to be an exciting way to connect, share the fun and fabulous work I have been doing and some of the events, brands and amazing people I am involved with! Sharing the best of Melbourne Wellness, Business and Lifestyle scene coming to you live on location! We’ll have some tips, tricks, tools and laughs to brighten your day and give you some of the Aussie cheer, you’ll be bouncing like a kangaroo in no time! Sorry I will try not to crack silly jokes!


Melbourne Coach TV is going to interview amazing people and brands and share the best wellness, business and lifestyle practices in Australia with the rest of the world. Bringing our audience some mindfulness inspiration and inspiring you to be great achievers and citizens with heart!

If you are interested in featuring on Melbourne Coach TV, submitting an idea or topic or being part of a promotion or event with Melbourne Coach TV please contact Marion at


Now Melbourne Coach TV Launch has happened I hope you will tune in and subscribe! Next episode of Melbourne Coach TV ……




Marion X

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