Contemplate these situations we often find ourselves in: Feeling bored waiting for the flight or train; waiting in the car while the spouse is shopping or waiting to pick up your children at a party. Here’s an anytime, anywhere experiment, to get into the inside of your mind and body.

Sit upright. Eyes closed or open does not matter. For a beginner, eyes open distracts. Do nothing, but let the mind be, breathe normally. Allow thoughts to come and let them float without giving them any treatment. You may notice your mind tries to grasp passing thoughts, even chase it and build on it and find it is a dead end untill the next thought comes.

Depending on how active the mind is this will continue for a few minutes, however if you continue to focus for a few mintues you will find the mind gets sharper and the thoughts slower. This is your brainwaves slowling down and the beginning of meditation. You will begin to be able to observe the thoughts settling into relaxation.

This does not mean the thoughts have stopped, for another chase may begin it just means we have observed enough to slow down the process. During this phase you can focus on in-between the last thought dissolving and a new one coming, is a hairs breath of a gap you might sense. Its fleeting but it does exist. It is the virgin state and the most pure nature of our mind.

Try to seize this gap and work on it, try to get a hang of reaching this gap for as long as you can, at first it may be a few seconds, later minutes, after you will feel renewed and refreshed. The recognition  of this GAP is for what most call MEDITATION. This gap is pure, unaltered awareness.

Practice with anytime, anywhere meditation, is a great way of generating awareness, relaxation, renewal of energy. It will become more easy to identify with our base mind and familiarize our self with this state, removing all clouds and delusions.


Happy Meditation on the Move!


Maz xx


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