toolkitWouldn’t it be wonderful to have a psychological tool kit to access for the artistry of life?

It many ways we already do and through self awareness,  meditation and mindfulness we can learn new ways to perceive life and determine what we experience and create in reality to a degree through intention.

We are bombarded daily with information, images and messages and fascination is not a choice, when something speaks to us we are drawn in and curious and these days education needs to be captivating. But when curiosity is sparked we have the ability to learn something new, or relate to something we already understand and feel a belonging, often if it feels right and is match with our values we will embrace it and if does not we will reject it and move on. We all have unique ways to process data, myself have relied on instinct mostly and it has worked for me, others are more visual or auditory. If we trust the new information enough, digest it thoroughly and process it fully, it can have cataclysmic impact and change who we are forever as a person and as a race.


Self understanding is paramount to being able to analyse data and make decisions based on who you are as a person and what you value as a member of the human family, supporting ideas that are meaningful and see the world you would like to evolve. We are often hard on ourselves because of the human condition, our dark side, and what we don’t like but when you really think about the human race, what an amazing species we all are, we’ve come along way and we continue to push boundaries and innovate and I doubt this will ever cease. We can not deny our nature.

In this era, global thinking underpins everything we do, if you don’t have global consciousness you’ll get left behind wondering where the time went, and be one of these people that says in my day…… There is no need to be, embrace change and live curiously, open and expansive in your pursuits. Be educated and BE an educator. When your learning your also teaching.

Develop your weakness along with your strengths and you will be more whole, it will make you feel more vulnerable to do so and this is a good thing because in that vulnerability you have an opportunity for growth, for facing fear and not letting it control and shape you the same as always.  Go into the dark with love and light and you have an opportunity to change the shape of your world.








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