I had the idea for this blog mid week but what a cray cray week it was and I had to just park it for the weekend! I had a humbling lunch with a college Deb at Prahran Mission on Friday and shared my thoughts on living with intention verses being guided by the ‘universe ‘ and how both are derived from the self even though many ‘believe’ something else out there has a divine plan for us. All beliefs are generated by our own mind.

I spent a lot of time ten or fifteen years ago in self psycho-analysis and meditation, for almost a year I had a strict discipline of writing and observing my life and understanding the play between my conditioned beliefs and my perceived reality and then taking it one step further to see the patterns that develop from living with intentional beliefs or new ones I fostered. I know I’m a bit of freak, I have a creative mind so it allowed me the flexibility to play devils advocate and explore ideas before actually becoming them. I was also parenting four young babies, so I had an insight into early childhood development.

Growing up I believed in God, not religiously but spiritually I always believed in a higher power and during a time of deep meditation I explored this idea that there was a super natural power creating the universe and how being a part of that gave me power over my life to choose to live as I wish. It wasn’t a steadfast belief I was curious, I asked a lot of questions in RI and developed a close personal friendship with the teacher who later became ordained as the first Anglican female in Australia, Mrs Penman. In many ways beliefs are true because people believe it and life is a tapestry of energy on a large scale, energy that we create. I call that big mind.


Now some people might not like this blog as I have to say I no longer believe in the necessity to take comfort in a “God,” I did for sometime until I explored the reality without a God and found that my believes in a god, unicorn, fairies, superpowers etc was the only thing that was driving such a reality. What you believe you create. Right?

There was an incredible amount of freedom in discovering this truth for myself, and by no means am I saying it is absolute truth, reality is a large portion of Earths population believe in a God that has a divine plan and creationism, they believe in destiny, that somehow God is guiding them through life to fulfill a predetermined destiny and so that is the reality for them and in many ways being part of the matrix it also impacts those who don’t believe. Not only is it a faith in God but they literally look for divine wisdom in their environment when living day to day and derive meaning from this. The clouds had a picture, that song came on again, I saw those numbers the fifth time this week, Its a sign!!!!

For me when something good happened to me I used to think ‘ahhh the universe is talking to me”, or the universe has put this opportunity here for me, or look the universe is guiding me this way or that. But when I really delved into those ‘signs’ I realised those too were guided by my belief that the universe even exists at all and has some kind of special power to talk to me and that I actually created it. The mind is a magnifying glass, what you focus on expands.

While studying entrepreneurialism I came to see many entrepreneurs have 100s if not 1000s of ideas daily and for myself I stopped looking at the universe for signs and started intentionally creating my world from the inside out. I didn’t give any special meaning to anything outside me infact I stayed completely neutral on that front and only allowed my decisions and persuasions to be self generated.


“Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” — William Shakespeare

I guess it is a kind of personal filtering system that keeps it simple for me now, I believe I have the creative power to design and curate my life as I see fit which mostly has come from learning how not to be reactive through disciplined meditation practice. I am not persuaded by other people or events as much, and usually humble if something doesn’t work out I accept there is a better way and that I must discover it, I never lose sight of my dream, goal or path I am on but not attached to how it looks. Obstacles will always present them self and the amount to which the content of your life has drama is all up to how much you allow. This is where emotional Intelligence also comes in.

Life gives us events to match our emotional body and beliefs, we attract on one hand events to engage an emotional body in reaction and at the same time we can transcend the emotional body through meditation practice and self generate instead. There is always the choice when basic needs are met to flourish instead of react.

Reacting to your environment is self generated creation as is choosing to feel, especially when you become enlightened to understand there is always that moment you can allow your emotional body to let go of it’s reaction and chose to become.

Another meeting I had this week was with an underworld figure who shared a lot of stories, believe it or not this was a fascinating opportunity for me to really delve deep into criminal psychology and I could see the same patterns here, asking the questions what is it the makes two people who are raised in the same environment make different choices?  One might become a complete psychopathic murderer and the other become interested in the arts. I believe a lot of it has to do with education, as learning is knowledge, light and a tool that can help the mind transcend painful abuse and understand the nature of choice and perspective.

Curating your life is the key to fulfillment and even this is a fleeting state, have unbreakable belief in yourself and keeping that belief simple, while understanding the power you have to guide that creation toward the actions you value in life. Congruence between your belief and your action will increase the speed to which your life flows and remaining focussed daily on activity in the moment will give you a sense of groundedness which is sometimes tricky for creatives who like to fly above the clouds.

In coaching we spend some time thinking and talking about beliefs and how they serve you, what works, what limits and how you can better align your actions with your core believes and change the ones that may no longer serve you!


Empowerment is gaining the knowledge that you’re the master controller of your life, the possibilities for how you spend it are limitless and becoming aware of what your core values are and learning to align them with your behaviors give you freedom!



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