What motivates you?

You could say its the coffee you have first thing in the morning that kicks in after 30min and makes your heart pump blood and your taste buds dance or it could be a focus or vision that drives you to excel and proceed.



Whatever your goal or desire to achieve this is the very reason you get up in the morning and want be better than you were yesterday. All highly successful people have an idea of what it is they want to achieve and live their life with this in mind.

Being a person who works hard to provide greater value to your community and world is a lifestyle, it is persistence and dedication that makes such a lifestyle possible. You can only do this with integrity and honoring your authentic and natural values.

I love to look good, to send a clear message to all woman that no matter what your circumstance with a bit of make up, some well chosen clothing and a little style you can present yourself in a way that reflects who you are and encourage others to enjoy their own style and offer a service, blog and products to do just that. I’m building an empire! Knowing this makes me feel good about myself and usually when i look good i feel better. People also notice when you have taken a bit of care and in my industry dressing well and looking good sends a clear message you can help others do the same!


Exercise for me doing Pilates is great because I have to admit it makes me feel good. After Pilates I feel pumped, dance with the kids over breakfast and get the kids making fresh fruit and vegetable juice. Most evenings these days I spend reading, currently I have a historical hair book, a book about the female brain and urban hippie on the go! That pretty much covers my nightly brain feed and keeps me motivated learning and growing and also healthy enough to handle the challenges along the way.

Motivation comes from values, when we have satisfied a value of ours we seek change to work on another area we value and learn, by having a new desire or value to gain we are pushed toward change and progress. It is the dissatisfaction that drives the change and keeping motivated is a sign you need it and will not accept excuses or obstacles and find a way no matter what.

Loss in motivation usually spells trouble and if really feeling a lack of motivation perhaps you don’t value the goal or desire the change as you first imagined you did, sometimes on the path to change people discover that the grass is no greener. This happens often in coaching and clients surrender the desire for change and have a new level of satisfaction without needing to achieve it.

Fear, guilt or shame is a terrible motivator, and never lasts as it is resistant type energy to the natural organic flow of life. You need to be one with your goal, accept it completely and feel it and nurture it like seeds in soil. If you deny your goal and wait for it to come to you, it will surely never arrive because you are not one with it.

Being a goal vortex means surrendering your love and passion towards what you want to achieve, allowing it to be yours completely, giving into desire and letting it drive you forward. Motivation is the desire, how strong is your desire? Desire is the need and hunger, the fuel to achieve the goal. Its the difference between waking up and making things happen or lazing about and watching TV. It is literally the element that makes goals happen!


Figure out what you want, be one with it, let the love for it flow through you and research shows there are ways to improve motivation you just need to learn how.


1. Try something you have never done before. If you do what you have always done you get what you always got. Think outside the square and DO something different.

2. Be specific, SMART goals are Self monitoring, Measured, Achievable, Realistic and Time measured, set a deadline and except no excuses.

3.   Realistic optimists believe they will succeed, but also believe they have to make success happen – through things like effort, careful planning, persistence, and choosing the right strategies. Nothing is easy.

4. When it is time to realize your goal, remove naysayers from your life, you will get criticism enough between your own two ears. Kindly inform well-meaning family members, friends, and co-workers that you’ve got plenty of self-critique happening already.

5. Make room for your goal to come true, if it is already cluttered and there is no space it will not come to fruition  making space to allow it to fully develop will make your goal possible.

6. Take risks, nothing gained from being comfortable, leave your comfort zone if you want to grow and remember if your not growing your just maintaining the same and moving in the winding down faze of your life. Get off the Ferris wheel!

7. Go with the flow, once you have taken the plunge ride the wave.

8. Put yourself out there in your goals way, nothing will be achieved by keeping the same old, same old. Make the changes and go out on a limb to catch the fruit you’ve been after.










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