Do you ever feel like your brain is trying to control you? Have you ever noticed sometimes you have absolutely no control over you brain?

Its true, we don’t. The mind will rattle off chatter continuously until the day you die, some of the content is just universal human condition, some of it noise you won’t even identify with, some you pick up during your day and quite often other voices can become yours if you don’t pay attention. How many time have you heard a winger talk negatively and before long you have that voice in your head repeating the same crap over and over and taking you on a downward spiral?


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You sometimes hear people in the self-help Industry say ‘Stop thoughts, or if you meditate long enough with practice you can have an empty mind.’ This is completely UNTRUE, the truth is you will never stop thoughts, they will continue to flicker over your mind always and it’s sometimes totally unrelated to your experience. The brain is like a radio transmitter, with different channels and it perpetuates emotional conditions in your body if left to it’s own device.

To keep the body in mind means you must pay attention to what is going on inside your body and hold your position in the environment with awareness of your activity sensually and intentionally. Letting the awareness of  thoughts become congruent with your present moment is a truly beautiful and FREE way to be.

Being Mindful over Matter means becoming aware of your body, breath and environment. When you’re lost in thoughts it takes a committed, or an anchor to step outside the cycle and observe long enough to get space. Here is the good news, the space is the conscious awareness and tools can help develop awareness with practice to break the old habits.

Mindful over Matter workshop  is going to explore the differences between BEING and DOING modes of experience, the above is an example of DOING on auto-pilot. Some tips to begin becoming more aware of your mind is by sitting still for a moment and deliberately observing your thoughts, you can even write them down but mostly just see them curiously. The more often you stop and become aware you have gone off on a train of thought that isn’t about your experience or body in that present moment the better at it you will become, don’t beat yourself up, be grateful you are becoming AWARE!



  • Make friends with your MIND, be playful, affectionate and compassionate and gentle with your mind and give the different voices you think with names, like the Planner, the Worrier, the Diva etc and once you have noticed that your mind is chattering without your awareness bring your attention back to breath and body and the environment you inhabit, you may then note the triggers of the different voices eventually also.
  • Mix up habitual behaviour, try adding some randomness to your life to step outside of auto-pilot mode and to give yourself the opportunity to practice self awareness and a more playful approach you need to be aware of because it is new.
  • Practice being sensual in your awareness of everyday must do habits like brushing your teeth, how can you make this simple task more interesting using your taste, smell, touch and hearing?
  • Breathe deep, it is the one function you can’t live without, breathing deeply connects you to your body and environment, the deeper and more focussed you are on breath the more centred you will become. Have you ever noticed you don’t need to think about breathing the body breaths itself? Becoming aware of your breath can improve the quality of your life!

These are some basic tools to practice Mindfulness at home, and keep your body in mind. Join us for the opportunity to explore these tools in The Mindful over Matter workshop, August 1 at Hawthorn Wellbeing. Discover in depth the path connecting you to the present moment and practice two styles of mindful awareness with breath and body movement that will be a fun and happy experience for all.


Marion is a certified Life Coach and


Take advantage of the early bird special and share this special event with your friends, it is always fun with your besties and together we will explore Mindfulness and learn some new tools to create a more mindful community.

More information on the workshop outline here

Early Bird Special ($10 discount) here



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