For those of you who have children the ‘hug meditation’ is a great way to teach children meditation, reduce their anxiety and stress and a beautiful time to bond with your children.

I enjoy this time in the morning; with four children one usually finds their way into bed in the early hours. I meditate first thing and quite often I am joined by a child or two.

We enjoy a cuddle and I have her put her head on my heart, usually the beat keeps pace and if practiced diligently and consistently the heart beat of a parent can help relax that of the child.

Taking deep breaths I become aware of the child’s breath, it is naturally faster than the adult and you will notice it slow down during the meditation.

Inhale and feel their head rise up on your chest, with your arms wrapped around them, this is intimate time together they will love, a morning cuddle to let them know they are cherished and some breathing technique to help set a relaxed pace for the day.

Exhaling notice their breathing after a few attempts it might sync into yours and as you continue take a little fuller breaths and see if the child follows, you will usually not need to tell them too it will happen naturally.

About 10-15 minutes should be enough to get into a relaxed and meditative state together and afterward you may like to have a discussion about all the things in your life you are grateful for to help them understand how to appreciate and start the day off positive!

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