Is your home a sanctuary where you feel you can escape the grind and find some zen? I love to renew my home space to bring elements of life I love within it’s walls so that when I come home to rest, create, and share time with my beloved ones we are sheltered from stress and supported with life nourishing surroundings.


According to Eastern philosophy elements of wood, water, fire, air, stone and metal bring about balance and we are encouraged to have blends of these elements in the home for maximum zen.

Belongings such as your favourite art are also key to appreciating your space and making it a place that inspires. Be aware of the images you have are they presenting the life you want? For example if you’re wanting to spend more time at the beach, are there photos  and paintings of the beach to inspire you? Why not fill your home with the places, people and activities you love? Like a working vision board!

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Personally, I collect books, love that my children have a selection of stories, educational and inspirational txts to choose from daily. Someone recently gave me the idea to read a chapter to the them everyday from some of the classic txts as a way to share special moments and relax together.


We also have many musical instruments for fun improvisation and dancing, my latest edition an acoustic guitar. My art work fills the walls and photographs from all the adventure holidays we go on every year, inspiring a tradition of travel.

I’ve been working on a zen garden space for a few years and some blank spaces in the home for minimalist distraction. Here are a few tips to create more zen in your home.

Let light in: Natural light is abundant and free, the suns rays are very beautiful and through a window can be the most peaceful form of light to inhabit your space. Replace florescent lights with warmer lights and use floor or table lamps as much as possible.


Eliminate electronics: Have spaces in the home that are not full of electronics, try having the TV off centre or not as the main focus of your home. If you can, have an electronic free bedroom and where can turn off electronics at the main switch. This will make your home zone more energetically neutral.

Let some outside in: Greening up the inside of your home will add oxygen and natural zen to your space. Purifying the air will help give you an instant calmness and there is a beautiful saying where there is a plant there is a future.


Go neutral: Neutral tones on your walls and main furniture make for a space that is relaxing, natural and soft. You can brighten things up with accessories like candles, cushions, art and smaller home wares.

A change in season is a good time to simplify, redecorate and minimalist your home space to create a special environment you can go that’s your very own wellness retreat.

Marion X



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