Group Coaching workshops are an opportunity for your organisation to inspire, motivate and transform the culture within the group. Life Coaching within companies, non profits, schools or small business helps engage individual strengths, inspiring a sense of purpose and increasing the level of contribution by members of the group to the whole. Group Coaching empowers the people.

Melbourne Coach has designed workshops for larger groups, smaller groups and packages were individual leaders within organisation learn coaching tools while groups get coached by the leaders under our guidance. Training leaders to be coaches within an organisation is a gift that keeps on giving and inspires coaching culture to remain a value long after the initial group coaching.

We can also customise our group coaching workshops to facilitate specific goals your organisation may have and collaborate with other interesting service providers to make your group coaching experience fun, unique and exciting for the group.

Group coaching workshops can also be a valuable way to produce content for your social media to show the people and relationships within the organisation in a new and more human light, for example the faces behind the brand. The people who make the organisation what it is and give them a chance to shine online. Group coaching workshops discover the values, passions, purpose of the individuals that make up the organisation and explores the most effective way to bring group congruency to these elements keeping a healthy harmony of diverse strengths.


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