One of my goals for 2015 is to be more Green! This year I’ve managed to change some behaviours that make a difference to my carbon footprint, like eating less meat, using less chemicals in the home, spending less and saving more and next year Im inspired to ramp up my greenness with some new ways of doing things in the new year and thought I could inspire you to do the same. Go green goddess.

  • Photo 27-12-2014 3 29 31 pmStarting to switch off all power boards when not in use. That is to only have power running to electronic machines that are functioning and in use. This includes powering down computers rather than leaving them in sleep mode.
  • Buying more organic, fair trade, certified, health options from the super markets and less no name cheaper options from shopping centre monopolies, say NO to Coles $1 milk! Eat a Paleo inspired diet as much as possible, raw is best. Also Oxfam is a great retail shop for global fair trade gifts, usually hand made with love and a fair and generous trading systems that benefits the artisans community.
  • Double up when can, whenever going somewhere in the car, or entertainment or adventure, bring a friend/s and this shares the expense and increases the experiential value.
  • BYOB Bring your own bag, this is huge for me as I used  shopping bags for dirty nappies and then later cat poop but now he’s going in the garden outside and I have a build up of plastic bags I no longer need. Fabric shopping bags are not only stronger they reduce plastic waste impact on the enviroment.
  • In business I have played with some ideas for using data to influence buying decisions in the app we are creating. It’s a very on trend form of marketing that is still a little ahead of its time, but through psychology, analytics and data influencing and reward we can make a difference to peoples consumer trajectories.
  • Green my ride, recently I fixed up my bike and have been cycling everywhere on the weekends, including to the shopping centre, market and city. Its a great way to get around the urban environment, one less car on the road and helps keep me super fit! I want a bike with a basket now!5570-Hanneli-Mustaparta-Bike-1010x521
  • Read more, I love reading, always two or three books on my night stand and will never stop learning, to do so would be ignorance so I keep my brain always working out and expanding my perspective with new information for both work, lifestyle and health.
  • Start em young, share all these ideas with your children and ask they contribute to making a greener family home, and life in their communities, become leaders in your social circles for environment and conscious living!
  • Find true love to spend quiet and loving romantic nights together and sharing sunrises wrapped up in love, grateful for the absolute beauty of life, when something is appreciated together it expands.


Love to hear about your 2014 green goals, share and be a care bear !


Maz x


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